New mobile phone...

  DANZIG 13:12 24 Jan 2010

After years of being Pay As You Go, I've decided to go on a contract.

I've been looking at the G2 Touch..

click here

...has anyone got one of these??

It looks pretty flashy but are there any issues with it?

  [email protected] 13:37 24 Jan 2010

My grandfather has it and he's taking a strong liking to it (he didn't have any time for his previous phone).

I've used it quite a lot too and had every intention to get one myself until Google released the Nexus One which I am now planning on getting instead.

The only issues I've had with his are a slight niggle when linking up to his car's Bluetooth system (Jaguar), and also the Wi-Fi wasn't very reliable at first, but seems to have resolved itself somewhat.

There's plenty of reviews on the internet of the phone if you look on Google. Just search for HTC Hero, rather than G2 as only T-Mobile name it that. The rest of the World calls it the Hero.

  DANZIG 21:21 24 Jan 2010

I've had a look for the HTC Hero - found some stuff on Youtube.

Looks good.

I'm going for that I think, £25 a month with unlimited internet! Nice

  Forum Editor 23:44 24 Jan 2010

and I'll move it now.

  Forum Editor 23:47 24 Jan 2010

and it's the best phone I've ever used, bar none.

I've handled a G2, although I haven't used one, and I think I'll stick with my G1 for now - it does everything I want in a phone and then some.

  DANZIG 23:49 24 Jan 2010

Sorry for the wrong placement FE, thanks for the advice though, seems like a good brand of phone!

  DANZIG 23:34 28 Jan 2010

Got it now. Two issues though at the minute. I can't seem to get my Bluetooth headset to connect to it. Apart from that its great.

I'm using it now to send this.

  samnoble18 10:40 30 Mar 2010

Not sure if you have already purchased the G2 Touch, but HTC have recently released the new addition to the G2 family - the HTC HD Mini

click here

Has very similar features but apparently better software, applications and features.

  [email protected] 13:48 30 Mar 2010

The HTC HD Mini is a Windows phone, not Android like the G2. It is therefore more of a successor to the HTC HD2.

There are 2 phones being released to replace the G2 (or Hero as it's more often called) - the HTC Legend click here, and the more powerful HTC Desire click here.

DANZIG has told us he has already purchased a G2 though.

  [email protected] 13:53 30 Mar 2010

Did you ever solve your issue with connecting to your bluetooth headset?

I found a firmware update for my Grandfather's several weeks ago and now the bluetooth is working flawlessly in his car click here.

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