New LG 42" Television Problem

  birdface 13:01 05 Nov 2010

Just Boobed I think.
Just bought a New LG 42" Television and never thought about the connection.
At the moment I have an old TV connected by a loft aerial into a Freeview digital box which works fine.
Now as the new TV is LCD it should not work directly from the loft aerial and should not be able to connect using the Freeview digital box.
Apart from having to get a new aerial installed is there any other way to connect the new TV to its own Freeview channels.
Cant resist a bargain as it was selling for £329 in Argos clearance bargains.
But not much of a bargain if I cannot get it to work.

  beynac 14:38 05 Nov 2010

I don't see why the fact that the new TV is LCD should make any difference. You should be able to just plug in the existing loft aerial and run auto-tune. If the aerial is OK for the Freeview box, it should be OK for the digital channels on the new TV.

Bear in mind that you will receive both the analogue and the digital channels and will probably have to auto-tune both.

  birdface 14:41 05 Nov 2010

I should have added I have not taken it out of the box yet as I cannot see how it would work with the aerial connection that I have.
Any comments welcome.

  birdface 15:15 05 Nov 2010

Ok thanks for the information.
The reason why I have not taken it out of the box is ithe old one is one of the heaviest televisions that I have ever had.
It will take at least 2 fit men to lift it so that I can try the new one.
It's an old Sony that cost me over £1200 about 12-14 years ago mind you that was including a Sony video player as well.
They don't make them like that nowadays thank goodness.
Best idea is to try the little 22" inch LCD TV first to see if that works.
Thanks for your comments will see if the little one works first.

  anchor 15:30 05 Nov 2010

I agree with beynac. The same aerial plug, that you used as the input to the freeview box, will be used to connect to the aerial input on the new TV.

The instruction book will tell you how to tune the TV to your local stations. This should be fully automatic.

If you got a good picture before, you "should" get one with the new set. If not, you may have to consider an external aerial.

  dms_05 15:36 05 Nov 2010

All aerials are suitable for analogue and digital signals. Every TV I've ever seen has the same co-ax aerial input. Your new TV may/should include a DTT Freeview tuner so you should be able to omit the Freeview box you currently use. If it doesn't have a digital tuner then continue to use the Freeview box you currently own and connect via SCART.

You will find the TV will have a wide range of other connections for SCART, HDMI and maybe Component Video plus Audio so you can connect many other sources such as satellite and Blu-ray.

  BRYNIT 16:10 05 Nov 2010

As others have stated just plug plug the aerial into back of the new TV and auto tune. If you are able to tune in the freeview box you will be able to tune in the TV.

The only reason it would not work would be if it was faulty.

  birdface 16:37 05 Nov 2010

Ok thanks all.
I tried the little television first just to see if would work.
And yes it all works with both versions.
So as soon as I manage to remove the old one I can install the new one with confidence.
Onece again many thanks to all.

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