new laptop help[

  unomomento 18:11 29 Jul 2006

i want to purchase a new laptop because with modern technology ever improving my laptop is become out of date and so will the new one i purchase as well but an upgrade is needed. i am considering the HP pavillion DV1665EU priced at £799. it has XP, 128mb graphics, 1gb memory and other such wonderfull features. do you think that i should purchase it or wait until this new windows vista is publically launched and purchase a newer laptop with such features and vista?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:36 29 Jul 2006

What do you use your lappy for?


  sean-278262 18:42 29 Jul 2006

It depends what you want but make sure no matter what at this price point unless you intend to only use the internet that it is a minimum of 128mb dedicated graphics. Onboard over 500quid is a rip off no matter what the other specs are. Gandalf is right however in asking what you plan for the machine as this can be the most important thing to know.

  unomomento 19:07 29 Jul 2006

i would use it for home use, mostly wireless internet browsing, word documents, the norm realy

  Jimmy14 11:19 30 Jul 2006

its perfect enough for home use e.g wireless networking, internet browsing and office. Go for it and bear in mind when Vista comes out you could buy it as a upgrade for your laptop if you don't want to buy another computer when that time comes of course.

  Forum Editor 14:05 30 Jul 2006

you can get around to that later. It's not going to launch until next year in any case.

Buy the laptop now, and upgrade to Vista later - if you want to.

  FelixTCat 15:45 30 Jul 2006


If that's all you are going to use it for, and definitely not gaming, serious photo manipulation or movie rendering then you can get an adequate laptop for about half that price. Look for XP Home, preferably a Centrino chipset and 512 MByte system RAM.



  silverous 12:45 31 Jul 2006

"with modern technology ever improving my laptop is become out of date"

doesn't say what it is that your current laptop is missing that you would get with a new one. It sounds a bit like you want to keep up with technology but no point doing that for its own sake, what are you looking to get out of the purchase?

  unomomento 16:23 05 Aug 2006

well i will use it for gaming as well and photo editing. i like the HP because it has a widescreen excellent for games and dvds, it has an adequate graphics card for most pc games eg half life 2 and counter strike source. im just sick of using my PCMMIA or whatever its called for wireless internet because it doesnt live up to the wireless range and consistency of intel centrino which my sister has on her laptop.

  silverous 17:18 05 Aug 2006

Now you're talking, they sound like sound reasons for upgrading to me! The HP "Only" has a 14" screen though, is that ok, I would be tempted by:

click here

Which is almost identical spec but has a 15.4" widescreen and is nearly 200 pounds cheaper. You could use some of that money to get you a 3yr Warranty (with accidental damage) so you've got a laptop you know is going to be sorted for 3 years. Such warranties on Acer's are very reasonably priced - under 80 pounds if I recall correctly.

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