New ipod user - joining network problem

  sheila.weston 09:23 17 Jul 2011

How do I find my password for 'joining' my hifi network. My net

My network box is a ThomsonE4FE35 and when the screen cmes up inviting me to 'join'. I put in my TalkTalk password and nothing happens. It does, however, seem to be connected to a Belkin54g network.

Many thanks.

  john bunyan 13:11 17 Jul 2011

When you set up a router, usually you protect the wifi net by applying a secure password, otherwise passers by could log on via your network. The password is not to do with talk talk but generated by you with the router. If you are connecting to a Belkin , I wonder if you are connecting to a neighbours unsecued network. Does your Thompson E4FE35 show on the i pod as an option? If so I hope you have your network password.(Not the talk talk one)

  sheila.weston 17:36 17 Jul 2011

Thanks for your reply - it allowed me to phrase the right question of my neighbour. He confirms that his network is a Belkin, without a password, and he doesn't mind me using it. Does it matter if passers-by log on to his network? What are the implications of allowing this, because it seems much easier?

An acquaintance set up the network connections for me. I have tried various passwords which I might have used, but none work,so I will get back to him, although it may 'cost me'. Before I do, have you any idea of how I can find the password myself?

Yes, Thomson is shown as an option.

  john bunyan 12:53 19 Jul 2011

Your Neighbour is very foolish to have an unsecured network as passers by or others could use his net and even hack into his PC. If you cannot remember your own Network box password, you can usually reset it to factory settings and re install with a new password (WAP secure). Have a look at your Router manual or talk to your ISP. AS long as your neighbour is happy for you to use his network, for you it is just like using any other free wi fi.

  sheila.weston 17:28 19 Jul 2011

Many thanks, John. Yes, I thought that the unsecured network sounded dangerous.

For the record, I have now solved the problem - after installing a new router which TalkTalk sent for my new contract, and having the same trouble.

I didn't realise that the keys on the 'keyboard' of the wifi page on the ipod were lower case and one had to press the little arrow at the left each time that you wanted an upper case letter. All connected now!

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