New ipod user - charging battery

  sheila.weston 16:04 07 Jul 2011

I have connected my new ipod to my laptop and a message has come up saying sync complete. I have left it connected as I want to completely charge the battery, which my 'ipod touch for dummies' book recommends. There is NO screen showing on the ipod. Is this correct, or should the screen be lit up with a message of some sort showing that it is charging? I understand that it takes about four hours to fully charge.

Thanks for any help.

  Crosstrainer2 07:44 08 Jul 2011

This is where Apple fall down a little, so bear with me here. An ipod won't charge fully via a USB port on the PC without the Extra Power dock adaptor. It will however "Trickle" charge, but it's a damn expensive way of doing it.

Did you buy a mains charger? I know they cost a lot for what they are, but worth it in the long run.

This also applies to Ipads (although the not charging symbol appears, it is trickle charging)

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  Crosstrainer2 07:46 08 Jul 2011

Link failed....Try:

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  sheila.weston 12:43 08 Jul 2011

Many thanks, crosstrainer. From what you say, I assume that the ipod is charging, even though the screen is blacked/off? How much should one pay for a decent charger? I notice (on this page) that a Google Ad is advertising one for £4.95.

  Crosstrainer2 13:23 08 Jul 2011

Yes Amazon have them for around £6 or £7 that's about right. iPad stuff much more expensive, I bought a dock for my iPhone too, and a dock extender, cost around £ 40 but makes life a lot easier.

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