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  mh84 11:30 06 Jun 2011

I have recently joined the HD TV world by purchasing a Sony Bravia KDL40EX723

Ive connected all my existing devices to it, and all seems to be working fine, but due to the set only having one scart plug socket, the set up I have had to adopt is not ideal, as I have to view the satelite receiver through the DVD/VHS player due to the lack of scart connections on the TV. Is there a way around this, maybe a HDMI adapter or some other sort of adaptor.

The devices I have connected are: Virgin Media Set-Top box (dont think its the HD version, just the Standard, but I intend to upgrade shortly) A JVC DVD/VHS combi player A satelite receiver (for European channels, not a Sky dish)

I also have a Wii and a PS2 which I will connect as and when needed, but I cant see this causing any problems. I intend to replace the PS2 with a PS3 in due course.

I have a few questions which I hope you guys can help with:

What is the best way to set these up for easy of use? Can I get adapters for HDMI connections? any other adapters?

Please keep your responses as easy to understand as possible, as I dont think me technical knowledge on the subject is up to a high standard!

Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything, or if you need further info.

Thanks in advance guys!

  bremner 12:41 06 Jun 2011

Would an adaptor like this help Click Here

  BT 08:54 07 Jun 2011

A switched Scart box might be better.

I have one of these and its quite versatile beside eliminating any interference between equipment

Switched Scart Box

  dms_05 11:36 07 Jun 2011

Very well specified TV. It's actually a full HD TV as the TV tuner will deliver HD Freeview if it's available in your area. The HD Ready label refers only to the screen resolution.

Of course it has lots of HD inputs (4 x HDMI) because it's designed for use with HD peripherals. However many of your input devices are simply old fashioned SD output and so you have a problem.

First of all make sure your TV is actually delivering BBC1 and ITV1 HD channels - at least that's a start. But it depends upon where you live - we've had Freeview HD for quite a long time by some areas are still some months away.

Next you can connect a single device by SCART or you can use a SCART multiway connector with switching ability. It's not a perfect solution as you will have another set of switches to handle - don't use an unswitched SCART multi-input switch as you can/will get interference between various bits of equipment connected that way.

You also have a Composite input on the TV - it has three connections (Red/white for audio and yellow for video). You can buy (cheaply) a SCART adaptor that fits in the back of either the DVD or Satellite box - it has three outputs on the side opposite to the SCART and these are the same as the ones on the back of the TV (ie Red/White and Yellow). Just connect them up with a suitable lead and you have a completely separate input.

Personally I'd now spend some money uprating all your old equipment to new HD output versions so you can gain the advantages of HD viewing......

  mh84 15:06 07 Jun 2011

Thanks dms_05 that was very helpful. I have just ordered a 3-way scart connector, which sounds like it will do the job. Unfortunately not a switched one as I read your post just after I ordered, but I will try it out and change it if I think its necessary.

I've also started the ball rolling on upgrading my existing input devices. Ordered my Virgin HD+ boc and am looking into getting a PS3 for Blu-ray :) I will eventually connect an ethernet cable or wifi dongle for the web services, but I dont see that as essential at this stage as I can get iPlayer/4OD etc and other on demand services through virgin media. And my laptop.

Thanks for your help guys :)

  mh84 23:03 10 Jun 2011

So just to give an update, I tried a belkin scart 3-way adapter, but the DVD/VHS combi player did not work through this. The picture was distorted, but it is clear when connected directly to the TV. The satelite box (not sky) seemed to work ok.

I am now about to order a switched scart adapter and hope this will work do the trick. I do have a question about how this works though. I assume that I will need to flip a switch each time I want to switch to a different from DVD player to Satelite dish? Is my thinking correct? Not ideal, but better than the current set up which involve lots of button presses on about 3 different remote controls!

Is there an alternative?

  BT 08:57 11 Jun 2011

I seem to remember QVC showing a switched SCART box that had a remote control. This was a couple of years ago and they probably don't have them any longer, but it might be worth a Google search.

  BT 09:00 11 Jun 2011

Just found some on Amazon, but a bit pricey. Remote Scart Switchers

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