New Digital Video Camera

  jaraba 17:52 23 Oct 2008

Have seen a video camera advertised at Aldi click here and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is a good buy.
Don't know anything about them except that they record to hd, disk or tape.

  MCE2K5 19:32 23 Oct 2008

"Don't know anything about them except that they record to hd, disk or tape".

Actually, That one records to SD cards up to 8GB.

  jaraba 23:03 23 Oct 2008

Is that one any good.
Which is best as regards media that they record to.

Answer from anyone would be appreciated.

  anchor 13:47 25 Oct 2008

Cannot find any reference to the name "Traveler" in connection with a video recorder.

It does seem remarkably cheap for a HD model, so one may excused for being a bit dubious.

  peter99co 22:17 25 Oct 2008

I am not impressed with DVD recording. I have had two discs out of five fail after recording and been unable to retreive the material filmed.

It is something to do with the device writing to disc when you stop shooting and failing to complete properly.

The DVD becomes unusable and the camera fails to accept the disc is in the camera.

  laurie53 08:15 26 Oct 2008

I have HD writing to SD card.

No problems so far, but very much a personal opinion I think.

I went for SD simply for convenience.

  muddypaws 10:43 29 Oct 2008

Aldi do have some good bargains, although I know nothing of this.
I bought a cheap Aiptek HD/SD from QVC earlier this year. HD quality is excellent and SD format is dead easy for putting on PC. Only digital zoom though. You must have, as I'm sure you know, optical zoom and in my opinion anything more than x4 zoom requires an image stabiliser built in. As it happens I am looking for a camcorder for my son and have found this today:
click here
Dearer than the Aldi which doesn't appear to have still photo facility. At least it isn't mentioned.
At the risk of hi-jacking your thread can anyone comment on the one in my link.

  Ventad 11:37 29 Oct 2008

My camcorder records to disc, I have found problems when recording to 80cm DVD-RW they became as peter99co says unstable, but have found that the RAM disc are perfect. once I have down loaded and loaded onto 120cm discs I wipe the disc and use time and time again and haver had no problem.

  Ventad 11:42 29 Oct 2008

Sorry should read 8cm and 12cm discs

  jaraba 19:48 31 Oct 2008

Thanks everyone for your input.
To summarise.
Must have optical zoom
HD or SD Card more reliable than disc

  Stuartli 15:31 01 Nov 2008

>>Cannot find any reference to the name "Traveler" in connection with a video recorder.>>

Traveler is a "brand name" used on some digital cameras sold by Aldi in the past (most probably part of its tie-up with Medion).

Such equipment is generally re-badged products from specialist/OEM manufacturers.

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