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  The Brown Rock 00:26 01 Jul 2007

I have a 7 year old Windows `98 computer 10 G.B. H.D.D. with blown integrated Sound Card. An O.A.P. with an interest in history and have spent the past 7 years writing on the subject. It is proposed that all that is contained in my hard drive will be transferred to print format with a view to publishing in the near future. It is my intention therefore with the help of the forum to purchase a computer that will allow me to do this job to the very highest print standards. I know that I will need adequate Ram and Hard Drive but what about `Graphics` and the Monitor - i'm sure I read somewhere that there are monitors that what you see on screen (Colour etc)is what will be reproduced. Can someone with knowledge of this type of production help me with this. Included in the work is much text in all its forms, photographs, draawings, sketches etc, etc,. I have a budget of £1000+
Thank you in advance of a reply.
The Brown Rock

  Pamy 10:06 01 Jul 2007

Usually this type of work is produced on your computer then sent to a printing firm to be printed. They will require it in a particular format.

  jack 12:06 02 Jul 2007

The What You See Is What You Get [WYSIWYG] concept
Is well established and is part and parcel of pretty well all common programs- note programs- not the monitor.
So that aspect [what sort of computer for your money]is not going to be a problem.
The Microsoft Office suite will cater for all your needs as will indeed the open source - Open-Office suite.
As mentioned if you are going to print by a regular print shop- then confirm with them what will be the preferred form the material should be for them.
It all depends on that print firms particular set up.
They may want simple text files to run through their composing system, others will want complete pages/chapters for direct repro.
All of which can be supplied on a CD.

So to answer your question, simply go for the best specification and software package your budge will allow for- probably a Big name mass market name that is a four letter word beginning with a 'D'

  Confab 13:22 02 Jul 2007

Please tell me that you have backed up all your work and it's not solely contained on your hard drive.


  The Brown Rock 21:59 02 Jul 2007

I have a much clearer picture now of what is required. I have included photos sketches headings etc as I envisaged the final production. I now realize that this may not be how its accepted for publishing and printing . I have a desktop HDD as a backup - to be honest only a late addition to my arsenal - thanks to reading PCA. As look would have it, I have a Computer Giant Outlet beginning with the letter`D` at my back door - I will have to go through normal channells to get one - no back door with this giant. I understand fully what you are communicating to me, I can now purchase with peace of mind thanks to all my respondents.
The Brown Rock

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