New build fully wired - what now?

  rock_face 20:06 04 Apr 2017

As per the title, out new house has Cat 5 from office, 2 living rooms and the 3 bedrooms. However, I'm not sure what to do with this in order to make use of it. The wiring was put in as it is easy to do it to a new build.

However, I'm not sure what to do in order to exploit this new feature.

The computer is normally used only for internet browsing. There is some recording of tv shows etc and playback. No interest in smart TVs.

I've got to buy the hardware now for the house and I've no ideas as to what I should be doing or what it is capable of?

Any suggestions as to what I should be looking at? It was only put in as it was on the plan, but as none of us specc'ed it I'm unsure how best to use it - if at all.


  alanrwood 20:11 04 Apr 2017

You will need to buy an ethernet switch (about £10-15) to which all the ethernet cables to the other rooms should be connected. Then connect one of the router LAN ports to the switch. You can then connect a computer to any of the ethernet cables in any room and get internet access.

  rock_face 21:31 04 Apr 2017

Ah okay - is that it? I had figured that basically I could connect all into the router and that would give me wired internet access in each of the rooms. I was reading up on 4 and 8 port ethernets and the problems associated with daisychaining them together. An 8 port device would be sufficient for me - I think.

I was actually wondering if I could do something a bit more interesting such as thinking out loud centralised computer accessed from each of the rooms - like a server and/or Internet TV box or stick accessible from each room.

Our main living rooms will have Sky TV, but the bedrooms will not. I'd like to improve the offering there as freesat is not great.

  alanrwood 09:01 05 Apr 2017

Yes you could connect them all into the router if it has enough ethernet p[orts. I assumed from what you wrote that you had lots of them. The switch is only necessary if you need to connect more cables than you have router ports.

I leave to others to reply about smart TV sticks etc

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