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  davecooper 09:10 28 Mar 2015

Why is the quality of pictures on the new BBC website so bad on a laptop or desktop. Is the site now optimised for smartphones and tablets where the quality drop will not be so apparent on a smaller screen. I don't like this new site. Why do we have to have more video content instead of text, I'm quite capable of reading and don't want to need sound to catch up on a news story. I guess that if you don't like it you use another news site.

  wee eddie 15:38 23 May 2015

It's fine if you are a regular TV user. However, if you are not and someone recommends a program to you and you don't have its name, the site is not easy.

It was made, by those that know, for those that know.

  Forum Editor 19:42 24 May 2015


"Taking the opinion from audiences is good but completely relying on the feedback is not the correct way to go around designing a website."

Where a commercial site is involved I would agree with you, up to a point, but the BBC site is not a commercial venture - it's a public service news site, and the design parameters are consequently a little different. Audience input is invaluable, and the BBC sought it and listened to it over quite a long period before the redesign. The beta site was then tested by a huge userbase, and again the BBC listened to the feedback.

Doubtless there will be further tweaks as the site beds in - it is to some extent an evolutionary process, getting these sites right. Then just as you have everything ticking over nicely along come changes in technology, and things change again.

In this case it was the huge increase in the numbers of people accessing the site on their mobile phones and tablets. Desktop PC and laptop access is no longer the primary method being used. I often ride the London Underground into central London in the morning, and the trains are full of people using tablets and smartphones to access the internet - you can now download an app that gives you free access to the Transport For London WiFi service. The same thing happens on the buses and surface trains.

A similar situation applies all over the country - WiFi access is available almost everywhere. I used it on a bus on the Oxford City park and ride service the other week.

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