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New BBC Website

  davecooper 09:10 28 Mar 2015

Why is the quality of pictures on the new BBC website so bad on a laptop or desktop. Is the site now optimised for smartphones and tablets where the quality drop will not be so apparent on a smaller screen. I don't like this new site. Why do we have to have more video content instead of text, I'm quite capable of reading and don't want to need sound to catch up on a news story. I guess that if you don't like it you use another news site.

  tullie 11:13 28 Mar 2015

Seems ok on my desktop.

  bremner 13:35 28 Mar 2015

I too am very disappointed with the new site. Look, ease of navigation and rendering of images are all issues for me.

Some of that will inevitably be because I was so happy with the old site and I am sure someone will say "you will get used to it", however I don't see myself visiting it often enough to perhaps do so.

From being very much my news source of choice, I am now visiting other sites in preference.

  canarieslover 14:25 28 Mar 2015

Seems to need more mouse clicks to navigate to what I want to read so I shall look elsewhere for my news.

  Forum Editor 15:40 28 Mar 2015

"Is the site now optimised for smartphones and tablets"

Yes it is, because BBC research showed that the majority of visitors are now using tablets or smartphones.

It works well on my laptop, so I'm not unhappy - I tested the beta version of the site for quite a while before it replaced the previous version, and you do get used to it. I use the site on a daily basis, in fact it's my homepage, so I guess I've had a lot of time to get to know it.

  mole1944 18:46 29 Mar 2015

As usual job justification i.e. change for changes sake.

  wee eddie 21:38 29 Mar 2015

It has now been optimised for those who are too lazy to scan the pages and decide which items actually interest them

  Forum Editor 23:02 29 Mar 2015

"As usual job justification i.e. change for changes sake."

What makes you so sure?

The BBC development team conducted extensive audience tests over the course of a year during the beta stages of the new site, and lots of changes were made in response to the feedback they got. In effect, the new site was largely designed by the people who use it, and huge numbers of those people are accessing the news site using their tablets and smartphones.

This is a news site that gets an average of 40 million unique visitors every week - it's one of the top 100 sites in the world in terms of traffic, and is number one in Europe and the Far East. Changes in design are not made just for the sake of it - they are made using feedback from the people who actually use the site on a daily basis.

  mole1944 06:15 30 Mar 2015

I bow to you FE and yes it does look better on my phone,however,i suspect in a couple of years we'll get (our new site to try),and how many people in this forum were asked there opinion.I have nothing against change but imagine if where you lived were mostly one way streets and your council constantly changed the direction of flow,i rest my case.

  BT 08:14 30 Mar 2015

Can't say I'm impressed with the new BBC News App on my Tablet. It was simple to navigate on the old one but the new one is more convoluted.

  Forum Editor 00:52 01 Apr 2015


"how many people in this forum were asked there opinion."

I have no idea, but it could be quite a few. For some time before the new version of the site went live it was running as a beta, and everyone who used the previous version would have seen a notice at the bottom of the News homepage, telling users that there was a beta version the new design, and inviting them to click to see it. Once on the beta site they would have been asked to provide feedback, and changes were made on a weekly basis.

As I said earlier - the site was largely redesigned by the people who use it. You could have had a say in it if you wanted to.

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