nero 8 is using 99% of my cpu!

  Superstylin 18:21 27 Jun 2008

Hi all

i've just started using nero 8 for burning dvd's. the whole thing may only take about 20 mins, but for all that time i can't use my laptop for anything else as nero hogs 99% of my cpu. everything just halts to a complete s.t.o.p.

Any ideas for fixing because i can't imagine this is normal. it's not like i'm trying to encode or anything.

my laptop is an acer 4151lmi, 1.6ghz, 512mb ram (was 1gb til i had to remove a dodgy stick of memory). dvd rw is nec 6750a


  Superstylin 16:24 28 Jun 2008


  grey george 21:23 28 Jun 2008

What os? If xp or vista with only 512mb ram the system will be using most of the memory while burning the dvd. The processor will be busy shuffling stuff in and out of what memory is available. Is the hard drive also busy? When I burn any disc I just leave the system alone and go for a cuppa. I find it's not worth upsetting the burn for a few minutes wait.

  Superstylin 23:23 28 Jun 2008

hi george. thanks for your suggestion. my os is xp. it seems though that other burning utilities don't use as much cpu power as nero does so i figure it's specific to nero.

Thanks too marg for the link. i had seen that but after trying all of the suggestions nothing has improved.

no other intensive program is running. i'm not encoding/converting. settings aren't set set high. i'm trying to burn at 2.4x rather than the available 16x. it's a simple project of burning video files, no chapters etc. i'm at a loss.

does anyone have a pc/laptop with similar specs that is acting the same way?

  Superstylin 23:38 28 Jun 2008

as a test i'm trying to burn the same project with nti dvd and cd maker. at the most it's using 11% of my cpu but mostly sitting between 5% and 7%.

i got nero because i assumed it was a better burning tool. it can't be normal for a 2008 edition of a paid for program is using 100% when the program i got free and must be 5 yrs old now is at 11%?

  rdave13 01:16 29 Jun 2008

You've answered yourself.

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