Need your opinions - Which smartphone to buy?

  Arthur Deroux 21:37 07 Jun 2018

Hi everybody!

That's my first post ever!:)

I need to change my phone and I can't decide! I saw the Redmi Note 5 Global Version on at just 209/219€ and I like it very much.. they ship from EU and have a 2-years warranty, so the price is good to me.

But what about the Redmi 5 plus? It's cheaper and it seems pretty good as well:thinking:

They have also a Nubia (Z17 Lite) at just 149€.. But maybe it's not as good than a Xiaomi? What do you think? The price is tempting, it's like 130£...

Help, help, help!

  martd7 21:57 07 Jun 2018

Look for some reviews on

They're in depth reviews

  Arthur Deroux 22:04 07 Jun 2018

Yeah, I know but I'd like some feedback from people who actually bought them!

Specs are good for both, but I don't know whats the real feel..

  SweetPotatoes 23:59 14 Jun 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Huawei P20 Pro

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