Need a smart phone, not a large one but big enough for glasses wearers.

  Baskerville 18:36 15 Oct 2013

Hello Everyone,

I've had a Samsung Tocco lite for 3 years so i'm not someone who is keeping much of an eye on new tech stuff, but now I want to change my phone and I'm happy to take the plunge into a new smartphone. I don't want a great big handset just a bigger phone that can do the business. I have checked the top ten phones out but the one I like is getting plenty of stick for lack of memory or upgrade facility HTC Mini, the size of this phone is what I can manage, in fact all the HTCs are good size wise and the one i really like is the HTC ONE X+ but I cannot seem to buy it anywhere.

I don't download music or videos/films etc so the size of the storage would for me not be such a big prob, I want a phone with a FM speaker facility as I cannot wear ear plugs, I would like to be able to take a photo through a telescope as Astronomy is my bag, if it has a built in compass all the better for aligning a tripod and be able to download all the apps for astronomy and birdwatching, so all in all a good but not too big of a screen and as I wear glasses i would still be able to see the screen.

Can anyone pick the bones out of that ? a really good camera is one thing I would like and perhaps a good video if I wanted to say take a vid of the night sky, music is not my bag so not bothered about that.

A lot of the reviews of these phones seemed to get hammered for say 32 gig of space and should be 64 etc but I'm sure I would not need that sort of capacity, I don't use my mobile much but I'm sure I would if I had a new smartphone but in general I am not a phone techie in any way,

I hope someone can help out here ?

Many thanks,

  morddwyd 19:38 17 Oct 2013

Didn't answer before as I thought my choice would be too big. but since you've had no replies, I use the Samsung Galaxy Note, for much the same reasons as you give.

It still fits in a shirt pocket.

  nickf 17:36 20 Oct 2013

I have a Nokia Lumia 720 , fits in a shirt pocket , nice and slim and not heavy . Runs Windows 8 phone S/W

  axel_lucus 11:29 21 Oct 2013

Yeah You can go for Nokia 720 and 920. Both are fine I think !!!!!

  axel_lucus 11:31 21 Oct 2013

I think for Nokia Lumia 720 and 920, Both are fine !!!!!

  kingparkson 09:36 30 Oct 2013
  kingparkson 09:37 30 Oct 2013

you can go for MEIZU X2 , really nice one.

enter link description here

  Baskerville 16:09 30 Oct 2013

Many thanks to all of you,



Got a Samsung S3 Mini.

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