In need of help with typing on phone

  Cmarttty 13:54 06 Sep 2018

Hi, I have a Samsung s7 with android and Google chrome to browse. When using Facebook through the mobile website I can't type (status updates or comments), the keyboard comes up and predictive words appear as if I am typing but no text appears and I can't enter/confirm it.

The same thing happens when using Google search, the first search from the Google home page works, but if I edit an existing search it behaves the same way as described above.

This is also the case on most web forms, anywhere I have to register details etc.

I have tried searching for a fix, which said to clear the keyboard cache, the keyboard doesn't appear in my apps list, I found it through some other means but there was nowhere to clear the cache. Clearing the cache on Google chrome temporarily fixes the issue on Facebook only.

Can anyone please advise how to resolve this problem?

Thank you, Chris

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