Need advice on changing phones

  ponytail 10:20 17 Nov 2016

My wife currently has a Apple i phone and the contract runs out next month.She has decided to downsize her phone and has found two which she likes and the only difference I can see is the internal memory and the camera one is 8MP and the other is 13MP.The phones are a Sony Xperia E5 and a Samsung Galaxy J3.Can anyone say which would be best.The monthly cost is the same.

  Forum Editor 11:21 17 Nov 2016

Neither phone received a great review. On balance, the Samsung is probably the better option.

Before your wife makes a decision, she might like to take a look at our recommendations in the budget smartphone category.

  wee eddie 12:11 17 Nov 2016

Why downsize when the new alternative may, not necessarily, be as useful as the current phone.

Change for change's sake is not always the best solution, but it does oil the wheels of industry

  maha_wasim 12:03 30 Nov 2016

Women always want to have good camera phones which can take beautiful pictures of them,LOL but yeah it is a common fact. So, I would say that going with Samsung Galaxy J3 will be a better option compared to Sony Xperia E5. The camera results are awesome and I am sure she will definitely feel worth having it!

  Burn-it 15:45 01 Dec 2016

Chauvnistic ?/|\£$% I wonder how many selfies you have taken?? Even one is too many!!

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