NAS, Cloud, or Both? What do I need to get???

  gpaddon 22:04 11 Mar 2017

Hi All,

Used to be a techy many years ago but a taxing career, marriage + kids have put me right back to being a complete amateur with computers these days so need some advice. So here's the situation, quite common I think;

I have a android phone, my wife has an android phone. Both have limited storage and with such good looking kids ;-) we tend to take loooots of photos. So we need need to be able to back up all our photos and videos someone fully accessible. We also tend to 'share'/'acquire' some films from the interweb using torrents and a torrent client. So we need some storage for that as well.

As for music, we haven't used itunes for a while as we have spotify subscriptions but likely need to get that going again for any remaining personal music we have left?!

In terms of hardware, we have one macbook for surfing on the sofa and have just bought a nice new dell xps tower that I now want to make sure it all set up correctly. This is not hard wired into the router (sky) but could be if required. Plenty of storage on this (2tb) but likely to run out at some point so want to have a backup plan ready to go immediately.

SO; I want to be able to backup photos from both our phones from our phones and beam them across to an accessible drive (cloud or NAS, I dont mind), I also want to be able to stream my videos from this backup device (downloaded directly from the torrent client) across to a Plex (or something similar) app on any of our smart tv's throughout the house OR anyone elses for that matter?

What do I need???? How advanced do I need a NAS to be if indeed that's what I need.

Sorry for the long post - thanks for your time :-)

  Forum Editor 22:20 11 Mar 2017

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  wee eddie 13:00 12 Mar 2017

If you start keeping Movies on the Cloud, you will be paying a certain amount each year to store them there and you must consider the amount of bandwidth that you use to Upload and Download them.

If you keep them on a NAS Drive, there is a once off Cost to purchase it and its Running Cost, which, although small, mount up over the months and years.

Also, a NAS Drive may be vulnerable to Cryptlocker type Malware.

I keep my movies on a NAS Drive but have temporarily given up in my search for a way to isolate it from the Net

  mole44 06:15 14 Mar 2017

Spot on wee eddie i use a nas drive,two ways to isolate it from the web (1) unplug it from the router (2) run it direct from your pc, just a thought.

  Gordon Freeman 20:46 14 Mar 2017

I have a wdmycloud (NAS) so might be worth you checking that, or other similar. Obviously it's a purchase so, yes, there's the one off cost.

Not sure what wee eddie is talking about wrt on-going or running costs...a NAS will allow you to stream videos and music across Plex (mine does), and (if you have one) Sonos wifi speaker(s).

Back-ups of valuable fotos/documents are no problem with a NAS. You can even access these from afar (while yr abroad for example) if you wished.

Isolating a NAS from yr router, as far as I'm aware, will stop any network access (it's a network drive afterall), so don't see the point of that...running it direct from yr PC will (again) render it useless as a network drive, meaning you won't be able to stream music/videos/whatever, or upload stuff to it, so don't see the point of mole's comments. It needs to be connected continuously to yr router to operate as a network drive.

"Cloud" storage is a slightly different matter, where you get a certain amount of free storage provided; thereafter you'll need to pay beyond that, so there IS a continuous cost involved with that option.

My recommendation would be for yr own NAS, which you can manage & control, with no other cost than the initial outlay.

  wee eddie 21:55 14 Mar 2017

Ongoing Costs of a NAS Drive. Approximately 60 watts per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

I haven't bothered to work that out but it could add up to close to the cost of Leasing 2GB of Cloud Rental each year.

I run a 2 x 2GB, WD MyCloud, but I have always wondered about the sanity of that decision!

  mole44 07:05 15 Mar 2017

Spot on wee eddie i'll give you that one. lol

  Gordon Freeman 21:00 15 Mar 2017

60w? really?

WD forum

  wee eddie 23:10 15 Mar 2017

I have no idea, the suggested figure of 4 watts appears unlikely to me as the top of the casing is warm to the touch.

The point I was making is the a NAS Drive has an ongoing Cost, because of the Power it consumes. After all they are designed to be run 24/7.

  mole44 04:37 17 Mar 2017

I see your point wee eddie,and yes it does cost but at least you have control? of who accesses your data i have always been wary of the cloud and after the prism revelation even more so,the other thing with the cloud if your using a company and it fails (i.e. Comet) where is your data then. To use my misquote "Data in the hand is worth two in the cloud".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 18 Mar 2017

NAS running cost approx 5 to 6 watts at 3p per KW that's £1.50 a year unless I've got my decimal points in the wrong place :0)

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