My phone got stolen and I want my pictures.

  memechan 10:01 07 Dec 2016

Last month my iPhone 4 was stolen. My friend called the phone and it rang twice then they turned the phone off. My phone wasn't connected to icloud or anything, but I really need my pictures back. Is it possible to get them back???

  john bunyan 10:39 07 Dec 2016

Was your phone backed up on a PC? If not, and with no I cloud, the photos are gone with the phone.

  Forum Editor 12:42 07 Dec 2016

john bunyan is right - with no iCloud upload the pictures are gone with the phone. By now, they will have been wiped, and the phone will be operating with a new number.

  Govan1x 11:14 08 Dec 2016

If you had find my phone enabled you should be able to find your phone using a friends iphone if you have the details of your phone.

  Govan1x 14:45 08 Dec 2016

Not sure toejams my Granson found his Sisters phone and he was in Northants and his sister in manchester.

Whether he used his sisters icloud account I dont know. Twice she lost it and twice they were able to track it to where it was.

I know that if you have track my phone enabled it is very hard to bypass that and reset the phone. I suppose phone shops could do it i dont know.

  Forum Editor 12:18 09 Dec 2016

For the sake of clarity:

To use 'Find My Phone' you must first set it up via iCloud, using your Apple ID.

You cannot use the facility if location services are turned off on the phone, or if it has been reset. If Find My Phone is not enabled on the phone, it cannot be tracked by Apple.

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