My Olympus xd-photo card

  StephanieL 08:11 20 Sep 2008

I'm going crazy! My olympus card takes the pictures and i can view them in playback mode, when i go to transfer them to a folder on my computer selected ones don't show! it's just a box that says jpg i still try to tranfer it but nothing is there. Also i can't delete the files because it says they are protected! I do not have a lock on the card unless it is less than micro scopic! Please is there any way i can get these pics they are very important to me!

  jack 08:50 20 Sep 2008

It will not be a mechanical switch - but a button on the camera - like a key symbol.
You have probably inadvertently pressed it at some time.
Check your manual re this device and how to 'Unlock'

  StephanieL 08:55 20 Sep 2008

i read through and tried that but nothing changes, and it's wierd because i can transfer some pictures and not others. some will show the pic and some will be basically blank. then when i insert back into the camera i can see all pictures.

  jack 08:59 20 Sep 2008

that individual images could be protected as you change grip on the camera and and hit the key for this pic and not for others?
try that

  jack 09:00 20 Sep 2008

Camera screen at particular images- indicating 'protected'?

If all else fails Olympus customer support I guess

  jack 17:24 20 Sep 2008

Simply copy the whole folder from the card into the computer.

Now download irfanview -click here
install it[its free]let irfanview load the folder contents- if images are corrupted it will tell you.
come back with the result.

  feb 17:59 20 Sep 2008

The XD card itself, has no protection system, I would think, as others have said, you have somehow protected the pictures through the camera!
Which model of camera is it?

  StephanieL 19:35 20 Sep 2008

I un-protected all the files in case i did that and still no change, I also tried to copy all the files and they appear the same as they are shown when i put the memory card into my computer, unviewable. But like i stated previously they all appear perfect while in the camera! I guess i will try to get a hoid of a usb cable and try to take them off using that. I was just trying to save that card without deleting all data because it is a 2gb card. Please let me know if you have anymore ideas!!!

  feb 09:24 21 Sep 2008

Try transfering one picture at a time

  jack 12:00 21 Sep 2008

How are you looking now in computer - built in reader?
Did not the camera one with a cable-don't you get one nowadays.
Just to prove something take card to a processing station/or friend and get it burned to CD .

  StephanieL 16:50 21 Sep 2008

I have a built in reader on my computer that I use, i have no idea where the cable is that came with the camera! i will probably get to a walgreens today to try it! Thanks

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