My Lg Optimus G suddenly loses signal

  KennistaR 22:28 20 Jul 2014

Hey guys, I really hope you can help me.

I've had my LG Optimus G (E975) since september 2013, and I haven't encountered any problems until now. My phone began suddenly losing signal/reception like 2 months ago. It happens randomly - sometimes it happens once every 2 days, sometimes up to 4 times a day, which I think is quite annoying. I feel like I've searched everywhere, but I can't seem to find the problem. Whenever it loses signal, it's all signal. I can't even use the mobile network for data. A quick restart helps every time, but it can't be true that restarting would be the only fix for this.

Has anyone experienced the same thing on the same model, perhaps other similar models as well? Perhaps someone might know a solution to this problem as I'm getting really tired of it. I've gotten a new SIMcard, but that wasn't a solution either. I've tried using another phone for a week without losing reception/signal, so everything points to the phone itself as being the problem.

I hope someone has any ideas.

Thanks in advance!

  BRYNIT 22:39 20 Jul 2014

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  alanrwood 09:47 21 Jul 2014

I think the OP is referring to phone signals not WiFi.

If you are losing phone and data then it seems possible that your phone software is becoming corrupt for some reason and locking up the phone transmit and receive functions completely. Rebooting restores the software so it runs again until something corrupts it again. I would uninstall all the apps on it and but it back to virgin by a system restore and see if it still happens. If so its a hardware problem. Long job I appreciate but faffing around changing this then that can take more time in the long run. Just back up your data, contacts etc first.

  KennistaR 20:29 21 Jul 2014

Yes, Alan, I was referring to phone signals.

Bleh, it's just suuuch a huge amount of work to reset the phone to default, but then again - if it helps, then why not? I have been wondering whether it was a hardware failure, but a reset might be the best solution as of now.

Thanks for the answer, I'll try that and see if it helps.

  alanrwood 22:50 21 Jul 2014

Please get back and update us. You really have nothing to lose so long as you back up your data first. You have a faulty unreliable phone so you either fix it and reload your data or buy a new phone and reload your data. Simples??""!!!

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