MVX 20i (Mini DV video camera)...won't turn on!!!

  AWMedia 10:02 14 Jan 2008

Hi, I've had a Canon MVX 20i for about 4/5 years now, it's a great camera, I've used it often, on my travels and to make little films etc. For the past 6 months it's been in my backpack as I've travelled but I've had no problems, it's been working fine. Now all of a sudden, it simply won't turn on in any mode and the battery won't even charge, nothing happens when I plug it in!

I've tried different batteries but still no luck?

Can anyone shed some light? It would be much appreciated.



  Pamy 15:02 14 Jan 2008

Will it run from the mains via the charger?

  AWMedia 15:19 14 Jan 2008

Nope, nothing at all from the mains charger, no flashing light or power.

  Pamy 16:10 14 Jan 2008

Any way to check that the mains charger is OK?

  Pamy 16:12 14 Jan 2008

Also, any way to charge the battery off the camera?

  AWMedia 16:15 14 Jan 2008

I have 4 batteries, all of which had been charged so at least one should have some power I'm 90% certain.

Thanks for your help, do you have the same camera?

  Pamy 16:36 14 Jan 2008

No I have a JVC. Would suggest you take a battery into Dixons or Jessops and ask them to charge it for you then try again , that way you will know if the problem is with the battery, charger or camera

  AWMedia 16:41 14 Jan 2008

Like I say, I'm 90% certain the problem's with the camera...If that's the case, what do you think it could be?

  Pamy 18:37 14 Jan 2008

If its the camera then I have no idea, sorry

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