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MS Account Password blocking access to Safe Mode

  warthog01 14:35 19 Jun 2020

Hi This one's driving me batty. I need to boot my Dell Inspiron to Safe Mode. I'm going through the troubleshoot sequence to Start Options but when I reach the dropdown and select 'start in safe mode' I'm confronted with a sign in page that will only accept password (not PIN). When I enter the pasword I get 'password is incorrect.' I know my MS password is correct because I can go online to and log in to my account with no problem.I've successfully changed my MS account password and tried a number of different routes to get to Safe mode, but all are blocked by this damned sign in page. I boot the PC using a local login but that's not the login that's causing me grief. Any ideas out there? Any way to get to Safe mode without having to go through the sign in? I should mention I can't access regedit or services.msc because they've been disabled (that's why I'm trying to get to Safe mode).

Thanks in advance

  Govan1x 16:19 19 Jun 2020

Have you tried typing msconfig rum then press ok. click on Boot and tick safe boot. If you also want an internet connection tick network as well.Apply ok. Then it will start in safe mode. You may have to reverse those settings when you want to get back into windows normally.

That the easy way to do it so i suppose you have already tried that.

Now of course we have to ask is it your computer or are you allowed to use it.

Only the the owner of the computer can change things on the computer others will not have permission to change anything .

  Govan1x 16:20 19 Jun 2020

typing msconfig into Rum

  Govan1x 16:26 19 Jun 2020

Sorry I never read it properly. Obviously you are the owner.

Try running CMD as administrator and type in sfc /scannow. That may find and fix any faults.

If that does not work it could be a corrupt user account but wait and see what others think.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:33 20 Jun 2020

Have you tried typing msconfig rum then press ok. click on Boot and tick safe boot.

I wouldn't recommend that. Because the OP can't log into Safe Mode, he'll have no way of unticking that option so he'll never be able to get in to Windows again because it'll always boot into Safe mode ;)

  warthog01 13:12 20 Jun 2020

Thanks, Govan1x and Secret Squirrel

I finally managed to get into Safe Mode using the same password I'd been trying all day long (perhaps it's designed to work every 38th try). Once in Safe Mode I was able to sort the origial problem and I'm back in the saddle.

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