MP4 player wont show files when connected to laptop

  ajc1234 23:01 13 Apr 2012

Hey there, I have an unbranded 8gb (I think) mp4 player - worked perfectly for a while (got it as an x-mas present) but now when ever I connect the USB to computer to mp4 player it wil charge fine but won't come up with the folder with the options to go into the files to put a new song on. I have tried device manager but can't find it in didn't come with a disk or anything. There is no reset button, although their is an option to 'delete all' Please help, I have a 3 hour journey tomorrow and want to put new songs on it. There is no option for USB in the MP4 player menu (in setup)....although there is an option for online mode and the options are - Multiply Drive, Normal only and encrypted only. I have tried all 3 but it still is fruitless. Like I said though, it's charging fine which leads me to believe it's not the USB lead's fault. I deleted every song off it by accident...was deleting pictures and it had an option for 'delete all' but it deleted everything....plugging it in it still doesn't come up with the folder...HELP ME!! I'm on a 3hour journey tomorrow with potentialy no music.

  ajc1234 23:38 13 Apr 2012

I have managed to get the folder up...but now I get this error message -

G:// is not accessible The specified network resource or device is no longer available.

  theDarkness 22:41 29 Apr 2012

If no vital files were deleted accidentally then the memory card, or certain files on it used by your player, may have simply become corrupt, causing the readability problem. Switching off the player when its still reading or writing files to memory, the player attempting to read or write whilst very low on battery, or simply age/frequent use, can all play a part. You may be looking at re-formatting/deleting all, in order to try and get it to work again, if your current player has become corrupt and does not use memory cards (that you can remove-eg mini or micro sd cards).

If your player does use memory cards, you should be able to use its card with a usb card reader connected your pc, to attempt to read its content. If you can read it successfully, and you dont have these same media files anywhere else, you may be able to copy them onto your pc temporarily. You could then re-format your memory card to the right file system (using your mp4 player preferably if the option is there), and finally transfer your media files back to the card using your usb card reader once again. You may also be able to recover corrupt or deleted files from it using a tool such as Recuva (freeware).

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