MP3 player for sight impaired person

  awest3 17:40 08 Jun 2010

My mother-in-law has been listening to spoken word tapes ever since she had a stroke which took away most of her eyesight. She has tried to update to CD which is ok, but also loses its place when turned off. She now has a little box which takes a usb flash drive and includes little speakers (quite powerful, it only cost £20 and apart from losing its place when switched off works fairly well.
I'd like to find an MP3 player (able to play direct from USB input) which will allow fast forward and rewind. . It also needs an output socket so that it can be connected to speakers. It needs to be able to bookmark a place and retain that bookmark even if the device is turned off (I know I'm asking a lot here). If possible it should also include a screen (for me rather than the visually impaired person). If anyone knows of such a device or one which comes near I'd be grateful if you would let me know.

  hastelloy 16:29 09 Jun 2010

There are 2 possibles from RNIB though neither seem to do everything you want. click here

  awest3 16:36 09 Jun 2010

thanks for this...
yep its the boombox which she is using at the moment...the other one plays sd cards but not usb sticks...neither hold position if switched off.. maybe such an mp3 player does not exist..I'll keep looking though..thanks again.

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