MP3 file too big to burn

  shellship 17:51 13 Jun 2010

Win XP SP3
I successfully transferred an old LP to my computer using Audacity and, having converted it to MP3 form (90MB), wanted to burn it to a CD. Media Player comes up and says that the file is too big to burn. I can copy it to a USB stick without trouble and it is still 90MB. If I try to copy from stick to CD Media Player comes up again and file is too big again. How do I get it onto a CD, please.

  shellship 18:02 13 Jun 2010

Just tried to burn from I Tunes in case that worked. Same problem. I have read somewhere that if one wants to make an audio CD there is an automatic conversion to a WAV file which is much bigger. Is this is what is happening?

  shellship 18:30 13 Jun 2010

Tried Deep Burner. Same problem.

  canarieslover 19:31 13 Jun 2010

If you want it to remain as an mp3 then burn it as a data file. Most burners will convert it to a wav file if you try to burn as a music cd.

  shellship 22:13 13 Jun 2010

Thanks. Think I have got the message. I need to burn it as an audio as opposed to data file and I think that is what is doing the damage. Perhaps burning it to DVD might do.

  100andthirty 06:08 14 Jun 2010

As Audio it is too big. Your file is about 90 mins of music and a CD holds a maximim of 80 mins.

Perhaps you could edit out 10 mins or split into 2 CDs?

  mrmillimetre 08:04 14 Jun 2010

I find its always best to record each track individually ans save each one as an mp3 audacity can do this. the other alternative is to cut each track out of the mp3 and again save them individually the problem with what you have done is the resulting cd would be very inflexible as you wont be able to skip tracks or select specific tracks if you so choose. The other consideration is to save them at a bit rate of 192kbs (or less) which is the norm as the file size would be smaller. You should be able to get the whole LP onto one cd if you were to do this. Also consider using Nero to write the cd (i think there is some kind of free version of this)as you can add the tracks individually and also have the option to overburn the cd by a small amount but i think it shouldnt be neccesary

  shellship 10:54 14 Jun 2010

Many thanks. Will try this but will mark as resolved anyway.

  ton 20:57 20 Jul 2010

If you want to burn it as an mp3, you have to burn as a data file.

Burned this way it will still play as audio.

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