Moving stuff to a new smartphone

  aphrodite42 13:39 07 Aug 2019

I will shortly be upgrading from my Moto G (3rd Gen) to a G7 and need advice on what I can transfer across and how to go about it. I know I can use my Google account for contacts and calendar entries but I have a lot of info (such as notes made re hospital visits) and text messages that I need to keep. Is there some way I move or copy this? Also do I have to download all the apps I want afresh.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:50 07 Aug 2019

If your old phone has the "Backup to Google Drive" feature enabled and you sign-in to the new phone with the same Google account, everything you've mentioned (and more) should transferred to the new phone.

  aphrodite42 09:46 08 Aug 2019

Thanks. I should have clarified, the notes I refer to are on a note-taking app called Fast Notepad. Do my apps get backed up on Google Drive or will I have to download again?

  Secret-Squirrel 11:53 08 Aug 2019

According to Google, your apps and app data are backed up, so in principle, everything should migrate across to your new phone nicely.

  aphrodite42 10:46 19 Aug 2019

Just to update this thread - all apps and contacts copied across without any problem. Content of note-taking apps did not and I had to retype them. Text messages refused to copy via Google Drive - downloaded an app called SMS back-up and restore on to both old and new phones which did the job. My new phone is Motorola G7 Power which is brilliant.

  Menzie 11:22 19 Aug 2019

Glad you're enjoying the new phone, sorry to hear you had to type your notes again. Not sure if your old Motorola had it (my last Motorola was a G4 Plus). On newer versions of Android it should be possible using the copy and paste method.

  1. Pair both devices via Bluetooth.

  2. Select the text you want.

  3. One of the options as well as copy and paste should be 'share.'

  4. Select Bluetooth and choose your new phone from the list.

  5. Open note app on new phone and paste.

  aphrodite42 17:04 19 Aug 2019

Thanks for input. Happily, all done now.

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