Moving my router to another room

  Henry Hoffmann 17:59 01 Sep 2018

I have a Motorola NVG510 router that I would like to move closer to my TV. My family's smart phones and laptops seem to work fine but my TV does a lot of buffering watching movies on Hulu. I was thinking about moving my router closer to the TV to see if that would cut out some of the buffering. How can I go about moving the router?

  wee eddie 19:59 01 Sep 2018

Your Router needs to be next to the Master Socket, otherwise you will lose much of your delivered speed

  Henry Hoffmann 20:02 01 Sep 2018

So what you are saying is, there is no way possible to move the router without loosing speed.

  wee eddie 21:57 01 Sep 2018

To get the best out of your connection your Router needs to be plugged into the Mastersocket.

If you then purchase a Homeplug

  Henry Hoffmann 22:22 01 Sep 2018

You mentioned something about a "home plug" . What is that?

  wee eddie 22:27 01 Sep 2018

Google is your friend

  wee eddie 22:28 01 Sep 2018

It's Saturday night and I 'm driving a Taxi

  Menzie 02:50 02 Sep 2018

A Homeplug essentially connects to the router directly via wire and sends the signal via your home's electrical wiring to another Homeplug which would be connected directly into the internet port at the back of the television.

There are other factors to consider here too, when you say all the laptops and smartphones are working. Exactly how many people are connected and what is the speed of your internet?

If everyone is streaming movies or online gaming at the same time, then a sufficient connection is required otherwise buffering and other issues will occur.

I've searched and seen that the modem in question is a DSL one released in 2012. It lacks gigabit ports and many features. I'd suggest actually calling your ISP for an upgraded and more modern modem/router.

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