Moving to a EU country. Keeping contract in UK?

  rickf 10:55 24 Sep 2015

Hi I am thinking of moving to the EU and wondering if I can just let the contract as is in the UK with 3 w/o the bother of changing. Haven't asked 3 yet but someone here maybe able to enlighten me. Thanks.

  spuds 11:42 24 Sep 2015

I assume that you are referring to a "3" mobile phone contract?.

Having a quick look on Google there seems to be a few comments and links on this subject, and possible new regulations in force or coming into force. Ofgem might be the first port of call for the latest information, and with what they offer, you could then approached your service provider, and see if they agree.

Here is a rather 'dated' link, that might be worth looking at click here

  Govan1x 11:43 24 Sep 2015

Cost you a fortune I would think unless your phone is open to any providers.

Saying that I think 3 stopped charging when you use the phone abroad but what happens if someone phones or texts you from the UK.

  rickf 18:05 24 Sep 2015

Thanks guys for the thoughtful responses. Gives me options to think about.

  Forum Editor 18:24 29 Sep 2015

You may find that 3 have what's called an Alternative Service Provider (ARP) in Spain. An ARP will provide you with a full contract package, and bill you direct for its duration, during which time you'll receive no bills from 3 in the UK.

I suggest you call their customer service people and ask them if they have a Spanish ARP.

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