Movie clip capture from DVD

  jack 09:41 29 Nov 2008

Movie stuff is not my forte'
Another daughter[the teacher busy with the school play]asked of me 'Could I make a movie clip of the Northern lights to incorporate in to the show'.
I have located some stills and made slide show with pan and zoom and stuff - no problem.
She has specified however a 'Movie clip'
I do have a couple of DVD's of the travel promo sort

So how do I select a few minutes off one or the other to make a dedicated disk.
I have MS movie maker of course[does not recognise the disks] I have downloaded a couple of freebies/trials- but am not getting very far .
Any suggestions please?

  Les28 14:20 29 Nov 2008

DVD video is in the VOB format which you can't import into windows movie maker as you've discovered, rather than messing around trying to convert the VOB files into an acceptable file type to introduce into WMM you are probably best to download a free time limited fully functioning trial of a video editing software which will accept VOB input, as you are going to at the least cut the VOB's and join what you want together etc.

Arc Soft Showbiz DVD is worth a try for a trial download and easy to use.

I have Nero cd/dvd burning software, I don't know what equivalent software you have and in Nero Vision Express part of the Nero Suite if I select the Make Movie option I can import VOB and do a slight degree of editing, cutting, joining etc, so for that I wouldn't even need a video editing suite like Arcsoft for example.

Assuming the DVD source material isn't copyright protected, I would normally put the DVD into the pc's drive holding the shift key down for a while to stop it playing, go into my computer, right click the icon for the dvd, then select open and view the files.
Have a look in the Video TS folder and click on the VOB files to play them to find which one or ones you want to extract clips from and then drag them particular VOB's to a folder on the desktop, then take the DVD out of the drawer.

Then if using a video editing prog, or something like Nero Vision Express, import the VOBs into the program and edit them. Many video editing programs will import the VOB's direct from the DVD disc, but it can be a bit crowded when you only need a small few cuts from one or two vob files.

Working with VOB's after editing I would usually save the edited work as an mpeg2 file 720X576 at about 1MB sec, or 8,000 kilo bits per sec, or 8 mega bits per sec, whichever one of these options is given in the program, then later burn the file as a video DVD, or you could burn direct to DVD if given that option using these kind of quality settings.

  jack 11:50 30 Nov 2008

I will have a go with Arc soft [I may even have it somewhere- is it not part of the Freecom digital Tv dongle thingy?]
Burning is not a problem - not with Nero however- never have got on with that- I use CD burner XP Pro

  Les28 12:43 30 Nov 2008

I'm not familiar with cd burner xp pro, does it burn DVD video disks as opposed to DVD data disks, or do you have to use an iso file to burn to create a video DVD.
To play on a DVD player it will have to be a DVD video disk, not DVD data disk.

DVD Flick a freeware video authoring suite which will burn your saved finished movie file as a DVD video disk, good guides explaing how as well.

click here

click here

Just to be on the safe side when using a video editing program like Arcsoft say before either saving/exporting the finished work as an mpeg2 or a VOB dvd file, or even burning directly from the vid editing prog if that option is available, I always save as a project file in the vid editing program, usually under File, Save as project, that way if things go wrong on the burning side providing your original footage, in your case the original VOB files that you have been working on are still saved in the same location on your pc you can always open that project file again in your vid editing program and have not lost all your editing work and don't have to start all over again.

By the way do you have Nero and which version is it?

  jack 13:28 30 Nov 2008

CDBurner XP Pro does them all Les no problem

click here

  jack 09:18 04 Dec 2008

I looked at the various suggestions[Arc Soft]
and played and got the hang there of, but a unregistered banner appears in each frame, and as the need is minimal[ not a movie man my self]. considered nnot worth paying for a full program.
So I passed that particular problem on.

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