Monitor Advice Required Laptop/Xbox One

  007juk74 10:27 23 Nov 2018


I'm looking to purchase a monitor so that my daughter can hook up her xbox one to it.

She also has a laptop and I would like her to utilise the monitor too.

I'm also looking to get her a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Can she do this in a dual function way?

Thanks in advance.

  Sergio Malik 13:06 12 Dec 2018

Hi As for my set, I'd like to mention Dell monitors, they produce a high-quality image and have an ultra-thin bezel. In addition, various keyboards and mouses are available for buying on the Internet. The type of devices depends on your personal preferences. I usually try watching reviews on some specific device and then decide on buying.

  DyraSan 06:08 13 Dec 2018

YEAH, good decision. but make sure she has enough items to connect it. Here's some tips what I like to share:

If your laptop has an hdmi input well and good. Otherwise you can buy a usb to hdmi adapter. Wired connections are best. You can also use the stream feature in the xbox one app in windows 10 to stream your games on to your laptop but that requires two things.

A good and a fast internet connection. Both the laptop and xbox have to be connected to that same network, otherwise it wont work. You can create a hotspot on your laptop and connect your xbox to that network. It will get the job done. But I would rather prefer the wired option than this wireless option.

  DyraSan 12:19 14 Dec 2018

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  wee eddie 12:35 14 Dec 2018

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  harryjosh 16:33 26 Mar 2019

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  wee eddie 19:11 26 Mar 2019

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