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Mobilphones for Seniors and disabilities Persons

  francois koller 11:45 10 Aug 2018

Why do you not have by Mobile/smart phones a category with models that are especially suitable for seniors and some persons with disabilities? Imagine that your hands are shaking, short-sighted, etc.

  lotvic 12:16 10 Aug 2018

There are lots available, what features are you looking for? Have you thought about a phablet (as they are known in the industry - a cross between phone and tablet) reviews click here

or do you want big buttons click here

You could do a search with the term 'mobile phones for disabled users' which will return many results for you to choose from.

  polymath 13:11 29 Aug 2018

What are your other requirements? Smartphone or not? (E.g.if you only want to do calls, texts and photos, Doro makes good non-smart phones designed for accessibility).

  wee eddie 13:32 29 Aug 2018

In my opinion, the size of the keys is a smokescreen, the real problem is a failure to understand the technology, possibly even frightened of it.

  Forum Editor 14:11 29 Aug 2018

Most modern smartphones are awash with settings that help those who have accessibility problems. Admittedly, some people would need help to find and configure these options, but anyone who has internet access can easily find that.

Here's an example which refers to the phone I currently use.

Most,if not all senior citizens will have a younger family member who can help to set up a smartphone.

As wee eddie says, the problem is more often a fear of unknown technology - lots of older people instinctively shy away from it, which is understandable. I recently set up a TV recorder for an aged aunt of 95. I spent two hours explaining how to use it, and left step by step notes. She was on the phone the next day, asking why her favourite programme hadn't recorded. She had set the recorder perfectly, switched the recorder off at the mains (because she always switches electrical items off at night), and gone to bed.

It illustrates the problem - lots of older people have no idea of how these devices work. It's not their fault, but it's a nightmare for manufacturers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:45 29 Aug 2018

switched the recorder off at the mains (because she always switches electrical items off at night)

pretty sure this was common practice due to health and safety advice back than with a fear of electrical items catching fire during the night.

Its hard to let go of habits learnt during your youth,

My 90yr old mother never watches anything other than the first 4 channels just can't seem to get it into her head that there are more channels however many times she is shown.

  wee eddie 19:22 29 Aug 2018

My mother only wanted to know which channel the tennis was on

  polymath 21:45 29 Aug 2018

My mother-in-law fitted FE's and Wee Eddie's descriptions perfectly. On the other hand, I think my father would have found home computing fascinating. And I can't have been the only middle-aged person in the 1980s taking it up! (And what about all those schoolboy enthusiasts in the days before affordable ready-made systems?) Physical abilities and mindset are two different things.

  Stef1994 21:23 06 Sep 2018

There's a brand called "Doro" that makes both old school phones and smartphones to seniors. Pretty decent quality.

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