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  gray81 17:36 27 May 2009

I am starting a year long trip later this year and would like to be able to blog and communicate on route via my phone. I currently have an n95 version 1, I can send emails and upload pictures from here and I can put my memory card from my camera in here to upload photos to share and store.
What I would like to do is connect a flexible silicon keyboard to a mobile phone, can’t seem to find any information out there if this is possible. This would make journal entries much easier as I type much faster on a full size keyboard. This keyboard seems like the best option for weight and durability. Can this be done and if so on what phone, am happy to get a new phone.
Some people have suggested that I just use an internet café, this could be an option but I would like to have my blog written before I visit a cafe so that I don’t spend ages paying to use word. Weight is a big issue for me as I will be travelling mainly by bicycle so a notebook computer would probably be out of the question due to size and power issues. All the electrical items that I take will be charged via a dynamo and solar power.
In addition to this, what do people think I should do to keep the cost of my calls and email usage down. I am currently in a contract with 3 and have the x series silver add on. My contract is due to end before I go away so I am not bothered about keeping it.
Many Thanks

  Demora 17:54 28 May 2009

Something like this might help.

click here

Or you could try click here and download there shopping PDF. On page 30 there is a global SIM Card. But I'm not sure if this covers Data ie internet/wap.


  Forum Editor 09:47 30 May 2009

which country/countries you'll be visiting.

Tell me that, and I'll offer some advice - which will certainly include a recommendation that you don't use a phone for internet access, it will cost you a fortune.

  gray81 20:54 05 Jun 2009

I have not got a definite list yet but the plan is, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Mongolia,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,Russia,Ukraine, Europe.

So it looks like it will not be possible to blog from a phone without great cost. I plan to approach all the major phone companies for some sponsorship, no idea if i will get anywhere but if you don't try you don't know.


  Forum Editor 11:18 06 Jun 2009

it will bankrupt you.

Buy cheap PAYG phones locally as you move from country to country, and throw them away/recycle them when you leave. That will deal with the phone-call situation. For internet access, use Internet cafes, they are everywhere (with the possible exception of Mongolia and China),and they're inexpensive.

If you want a convenient, secure way to keep in touch with friends and relatives via the internet whilst you travel, contact me via email ([email protected]),I may be able to provide you with something that will be exactly right.

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