Mobile phone sound recording format puzzle

  Pineman100 18:04 31 Jan 2008

In a previous thread (click here) I was trying to understand how to create a mobile phone ringtone from a PC sound file.

Well, to be honest, I got so frustrated trying to understand this process that I gave up!

Instead I tried using my mobile's sound recording function (its a Panasonic EB-VS6) to record a snatch of music that I could use as a ringtone.

The phone seems to have successfully recorded the music, but it has saved it in the format .amr. All of the phone's "built-in" ringtones seem to be in .mmf or .m4a. When I try to get the phone to play back the .amr file, the visual display shows it playing the file, but no sound can be heard.

Why on earth would my phone record a sound file in a format that, apparently, it cannot play back?

  Pineman100 17:00 01 Feb 2008


  sandeepsingh 16:40 06 Feb 2008

why dont you download a format converter; just google the internet for wavepad and the first site is the answer for you.

From Sandeep click here
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  Pineman100 17:08 06 Feb 2008

Thanks sandeepsingh. I'll give your idea a try. But I would still like to know why my phone would record a sound in a format that it can't play!

It doesn't make much sense, does it?!

  MCE2K5 20:35 06 Feb 2008

Ignore him (sandeepsingh), SPAMMER, FE Informed.

I am on a Roll.

David H.

  sandeepsingh 06:03 07 Feb 2008

Dear all,
Sorry for Breaking forums rules. I whole heartedly apologise to you all. I am not a spammer ; I am a same person like you all but only mistake i made was a signature at bottom. I whole heartedly apologise again to you all. I am a PC Advisor fan so dont through me out of the forum please !!!!!!!!!

Secondly, I had given a correct reply to this post.Dear, Pineman100 , I am also confused about why the phone records in a format it can't play. It is the first case I have seen when a phone does something like yours !!!!

Sorry again.

  Pineman100 11:14 07 Feb 2008

This is all looking a bit messy. Best if I close the thread, I think.

Thanks guys.

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