Mobile phone scam

  smoking44 15:38 02 Jan 2008

I have been recieving unwanted premium rate texts
to which I have not subscribed to.

I have spoken to and emailed the company involved with no responsile action being taken. It seems this company has been fined 3 times in 2007 with still 1 more complaint outstanding.
These are my calls and email to said company

Tanlamobile through get-tone club has been sending me premium rate texts for services not subscribed to

29th oct 11.11am 3 texts recieved 78181
30th nov 13.11pm 6 texts recieved (yes 6 at the same time) from 82600
04dec STOP was sent to 82600

more sms started to com through AGAIN
30th dec 08.42am 4 texts recieved from 82600
30th dec STOP sent to 82600

1st jan 16.27pm 1 text recieved from 82600 (AFTER STOP WAS SENT)

This matter has been reported to phonepayplus (not that it will do much)run by the networks.

Have also phoned your helpline 0871 240 0608 (suprise no help there) seems I have no chance of my money being returned.

My network operater 3 has been a total non started, even said the 6 texts recieved at 1 go must have been a long message.There is no record of me subscribing to these services in my bill details.

Do not know what else to do as it seems I have to pay regardless. The networks recieve about 35% of these fees so can only assume that they must make millions every year. I still have quite a while to go on my contract so unless I can prove that they are in breech the I am stuck with them.

Funny thing is that my number is known to select people only so my network must be selling lists to these companies.

What else can I do?

  mymate 09:39 03 Jan 2008
  mymate 09:44 03 Jan 2008

Put 82600 in the box at the top of the window and it tells you who they are.
Read this click here

If you call the 0870 number to complain,try to find a cheaper number to call from here click here
Write down all the texts you have received and how much and the calls and times you have made .
Good luck.

  mymate 09:48 03 Jan 2008

Looks like you have to text STOP ALL to all the scam numbers you have received !

  mymate 11:30 03 Jan 2008

This web site looks like you will find help.

click here

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