Mobile phone navigation system

  vixib 17:41 26 Apr 2006

Hey! Can someone recomend me a good GPS navigation system for mobile phone? I've heard about TomTom.. are they good? and what about nav4all?

  anchor 09:57 27 Apr 2006

TomTom have a very good reputation for GPS navigation. I have both a TomTom Go 700 and a PDA version.

However, I have no personal knowledge of their mobile phone version, TomTom MOBILE 5. You would also need to check if your phone is compatible.

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There are other brands around, do a search in Google. Here is one to start you off:

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  anchor 19:14 27 Apr 2006

My best advice is to forget your mobile phone and go for a "TomTom One", (assuming you only want it for the UK). £236 from Amazon.

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  wormarm 10:01 10 Jun 2006

I've read about nav4all very often these days. What is it about this software that there is so much noise?

  anchor 17:16 10 Jun 2006


Have a look at this thread:

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Personally, I would not be bothered trying to follow a route an such a tiny screen. Voice instructions are invaluable, also a glance at the screen is very often necessary. I don`t know if Nav4all has voice guidance; no mention of it on their web site.

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The mapping is supposed to be regularly updated, but in my opinion the advantage of this is more than outweighed by the disadvantages, (which includes the fiddly entering of your destination on the keypad, and possibly no voice guidance). You also need to check if your mobile phone is compatible.

  anchor 17:28 10 Jun 2006

Another similar PCA thread

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  wormarm 11:39 11 Jun 2006

obviously there too many disadvantagies. but is the world going so bad?

if you think realisticly - i've driven with tomtom, and I agree it's quite convinient having a big screen with the lined arrow, showing the direction. but in case the guy can't afford buying the palm, the phone software is an option. then, there is not that much choise of fitting all that in the small screen (else you have a nokia which is quite pleasantly big).

  Dirty Dick 11:10 12 Jun 2006

I've just bought a Garmin nuvi 350 and was wondering if there were any help sites anywhere to get the best out of it

  Dirty Dick 11:13 12 Jun 2006

Meant to post in a new thread !!!

  anchor 19:12 12 Jun 2006

Try this SatNav forum; it will likely have a section for Garmin

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  patka 10:28 13 Jun 2006

wormarm, do you try to say that compromising on the screen is going all cheap? isn't it much more expensive in the long run?

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