Mobile phone memory cards

  JPS30 14:34 21 Jul 2006

I have just purchased a Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone that comes with a 512mb memory card.

Could someone please tell me how many songs I the card holds, and also how many songs a 1GB card would hold?


  rodriguez 16:13 21 Jul 2006

This all depends on the length of the track, the bitrate of the track and what's on the track. A standard 3 minute, 128 KB/s birate MP3 file is around 3 meg, but this varies depending on what the track is (whether it's loud, quiet has a lot of detail) because MP3 is a lossy compression. You should get around 500 mins of 128 KB/s audio and a 1 GB card will hold twice this. The same goes for JPEG photos as you'll notice that two images with the same dimensions won't be the same size. The higher the detail the bigger the file and this goes for MP3 audio as well.

  SG Atlantis® 23:40 21 Jul 2006

on my 1gb card in my Sony Ericsson I have seventy full songs, 5 full music videos 3gp format and a few dozen pictures, downloaded themes and have 277meg still available.

1gb is more than enough, I find 512 to be limiting.

I got my sony 1gb from for £33.99, although they do others cheaper again... click here

  silverous 00:24 22 Jul 2006

I understand that 2GB cards are due out soon also :)

  JPS30 21:48 22 Jul 2006

Many thanks, much appreciated.

I will visit straight away and purchase a 1gig.

  SG Atlantis® 21:54 22 Jul 2006

silverous they are alredy available... 2gb for £60.

4gb is due out soon!!

  silverous 21:02 23 Jul 2006

Oh, sorry was misinformed, thought they were due out. Need to figure out whether and how much to get for my k800i when Carphone Warehouse finally figure out how to get the phone to me, currently 1 week late :)

  SG Atlantis® 21:16 23 Jul 2006

click here

yours takes memory stick micro (m2) click here not 'pro duo' which is what I was talking about.

  silverous 12:16 24 Jul 2006

Ah ok, sorry, haven't got it yet so wasnt' sure.

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