Mobile phone battery life

  the old man 15:45 11 Oct 2008

I currently use a Motorola Razr v8. The software and hardware is totally upto date. The battery life of this phone is abysmal. It is so bad that even Motorola have acknowledged the problem with the battery.
What I would like to know is what make of mobile phones have batteries that do what it says on the box.
I don't use it excessively, I very rarely use bluetooth, I don't look at videos off the internet with it, I don't spend hours talking on the phone. However, I can charge the battery overnight and take it off charge at 8.30 in a morning and on more than one occasion the phone has died by 3 in the afternoon. This is with it being on vibrate, sending a few texts and maybe talking for ten minutes at the most. The rest of the time it is lying on my desk looking pretty.
Thanks in anticipation.

  bremner 15:52 12 Oct 2008

Looking thru some links on the web the v8 does have a poor battery life. However most people are complaining that with normal use their batteries are lasting only 2-3 days.

From what you are saying it appears that your battery (or phone itself) may be defective. Have you tried replacing the battery?

  the old man 17:26 12 Oct 2008

I have to charge mine every night.
it has just come out of repair with motorola for problems with software and the keypad. software is up to date and this was supposed to help with the battery issue. it doesn't.

  Demora 20:06 22 Oct 2008

I had a v8 and couldn't wait to get rid of it. Now I have a Sony Ericsson p1i and thats really great with the battery life. I've had Sony Ericsson phone in the past and all have been very good. 3= days on heavier use and a week at low usage.

Some of the Nokias' are good but not the N95 4gig.


  birdface 10:04 23 Oct 2008

Not supposed to charge it overnight.Once charged it should start discharging hence the low use.Battery should be allowed to run out completely say once a month then recharged and it will hold the charge longer.[I very rarely use bluetooth] Switch it off and only switch it back on when you are about to use it.Turn of the Vibrate and battery should last a bit longer.

  Condom 16:15 27 Oct 2008

Must show this to her indoors. If you look at my O2 post the new phone coming from O2 is a Motorola Razr. Maybe she shouldn't be the happy bunny she thinks she is.

  the old man 16:23 27 Oct 2008

Problem still happening. Have run it down and then charged up again for a few hours. End up having the same problems. Life of this battery is just bad.
Cannot wait for chance in six months time as contract ends. Shame really as the Razr v8 is a cracking little phone.

Condom - advise her indoors that if she wants to receive multimedia messages from friends using T-Mobile, she can't. T-Mobile do not support Razr's. Found that out last week from Motorola.

  VicDelmonte 03:52 12 Oct 2010

Batteries do stop holding a charge after a while.

  JohnCena83 05:26 10 Nov 2010

Blackberry Pearl has alarming array life. That is in no allotment due to the actuality it hasn't got brainless battery-eating 'features' on it. I've additionally got a Nokia E65, which is TOTAL HORSESHIT. It takes sometimes twenty seconds+ aloof to accessible a new text. And the array activity is almost according to those flies (it dies afterwards one day).

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