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  Whiteadder310556 20:29 28 Jun 2008


Is there anyway of getting on the internet via a mobile (using a data bundle(?)) or dongle and laptop on a PAYG scheme, like I have with my mobile, because I am a quite light user of the internet and not interested in using wi-fi, downloading, etc. "3" seem to have a scheme where it's £10 for 30 days which appears to be the closest, however in their small print there is a considerable charge for going over the limit. How can they do this if it's not on a contract? I'm suffering from "information overload" because I seem to have read so much and been to so many stores (which were not really helpful), which has left me totally confused. The truth is out there, what is it?

  Forum Editor 23:39 29 Jun 2008

for PAYG users via a USB stick for laptops , and other networks probably do the same.

I use the T-Mobile service on my contract account and it works perfectly. I use it on my laptop when I'm on the move, and for £15 a month it's reasonable value - it works wherever there's a mobile signal. I believe the PAYG service costs £1 a day.

  Whiteadder310556 20:37 30 Jun 2008

Thanks for the reply. However what I should have made clear is that I am a very low user on dail up. Infact over the last 9 months I've used just 180MB (my ISP has a counter) and T-Mobile would be too much at £4 or £1 per day on PAYG, I believe depending on which service. All though I am a low user I do check emails, etc every day and do not download etc, hence the small amount of traffic. So the "3" dongle at £10 for 30 days on PAYG seems to be the solution, unless you know otherwise!


  dms_05 09:13 04 Jul 2008

I agree the '3' PAYG system seems your best bet. As it allows you several GB/month you obviously won't go over the limit! In fact you could have a modest amount of Internet browsing each day and still not exceed the limit. Without direct experience I can't be sure but if I read the '3' T&C's correctly I think the PAYG is a 28 day or until the download limit is exceeded - so you'd reach 28 days first! But you might be tempted to browse a little as you'd have lots of spare pre-paid data capacity.

  mkennyd 14:02 04 Jul 2008

I use my sony w200i with Orange World.
The phone cost me forty quid, and what i did was got to the sony ericsson web page and searched for product downloads.
Look for Sony E PC SUITE.
Takes five mins to download, it will prompt you all the way through, when complete you would call Orange World too register. And at a cost of eigther a pound a day or five pounds for seven, i think it's great value.Pretty good connecton speeds, and after using it for two years have had no problems whatsoever.
Well worth it for light to medium users.

  mkennyd 14:14 04 Jul 2008

Take your laptop to library or internet cafe to download on wireless or broadband,Then if you want, contact Orange World and they will connect you permanantly over the phone.
Good Luck

  theDarkness 14:37 04 Jul 2008

If 3 contract is for one month and you can get a wireless modem cheap (unlikely at the moment?), thats a good deal. If you are a very light user or cant afford the modem, then you might be better off sticking to the net via just your mobile phone, since with a one month internet data bundle offered my most mobile companies, you can stop any time, and you do not have to use the service up to 12 months or more as there is no contract. On o2 for my mobile i am paying around £7.50 for 200mb maximum usage per month. I downloaded opera mini which lets webpages load up faster, and in less mb by reducing the quality of images slightly. Wireless usb modems for your pc on the other hand are expensive to buy in comparison if you wanted to try one with your computer, in the sense that most companies are only offering 12 to 24 month contracts as a minimum, at around £15 to 30 per month. Getting the modem itself for free on a long contract is their way of getting you to think its a great deal- its not that bad, but i suspect the price of usb wireless modems may well decrease fast over the next yr or so.
On a slightly different note, i have managed to set up my mobile phone to act as a usb modem when connected to my pc, using the one month o2 data bundle i have on the mobile to access the net. It works, but since the phone on its own reduces page image quality to load pages faster (eg using opera mini), using the phone to view uncompressed pages on the pc causes the pages to load very slowly, and not all sites keep login details, even if they worked before when using the phone on its own small screen! ..i will be sticking to using the phone on its own for the net on the o2 internet service as a result! I think that would suit you more than a long wireless modem contract, unless you are able to find a cheap wireless modem with a payasyougo deal charged per month, not per day or mb- Im sticking to just my mobile!

  mkennyd 00:10 05 Jul 2008

thats just what i told whiteadder,but without the lifestory.
good luck whiteadder

  Whiteadder310556 14:01 05 Jul 2008

Thanks for the advice. Its not a question of the cost as such, it's as I use the net relatively so little it seems not to be so cost effective. However as I think it it time to upgade my computer and mobile it's best to be prepared with the good information.

  theDarkness 01:25 06 Jul 2008

For accessing the net, i use a sony ericsson k800 model, i think earlier models may not be so compatible with certain websites or types of media. The main downside for using the internet via mobile would be if you like to download (eg watching videos on youtube)- you would probably need an iphone or upcoming ipod, ie great video compatibility with a faster connection! A standard mobile just about competes with 56k dial up internet in terms of speed, useful for email and discussion forums, which is all i use it for, but little else.

  mzsuggsy 01:10 08 Jul 2008

they are doing a deal were you pay £7.50 for a month wap they doin best deal so far

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