Missing channels

  jack 12:03 30 Nov 2008

I have been checking out and setting up a Digital PVR [before wrapping for a lucky girls Chrissy present]
In swapping aerial feed around etc I managed to lose the channels on my digital TV.
No problem- retune it- all went OK except a tranche of channels did not this time come up.
notably Sky3,Five, Dave, and some others
So tried another retune ,still not coming up- yet they were all there previously.
Had the ariel line or plug changed I wondered?
The aerials first port of call is the Digi set top box that feeds my analogue DVD/HDD recorder
All those channels are present on that set up,
All aerial connectors along the chain are tight home.
So what is the next move?

  howard64 12:20 30 Nov 2008

go back to initial setup rather than simple retune

  oresome 17:22 30 Nov 2008

Connect the TV directly to the aerial downlead and retune. If you now find all the channels, either the fly lead from the digibox or the digibox itself are suspect.

If you can't find the channels with the aerial connected directly, check the aerial plug.

  natdoor 09:31 01 Dec 2008

Do I correctly understand that you have a set top box and a TV with built in freeview receiver? If that is so, do as oresome suggests.

I do not then see the need subsequently to connect the antenna to your analogue DVD recorder. Doing so will enable you to record analogue transmissions but these are all available via freeview. So a scart or component connection from the STB to the recorder will allow you to record one programme while watching another on your TV.

Unless you have such a connection, you will not be able to record a freeview channel, other than the one tuned on the TV via TV Out, if your STB doesn't have an RF modulator. I think that there is only one currently available which does, although some of the earliest models did to cater for TVs with no video input.

  jack 20:22 01 Dec 2008

The fly lead to Set top box had a dodgy plug.
However checking this through I wound up replacing a whole length of feed from the wall point to a secondary box-
This cable had what I am told as 'Tinsle' conductor[Fine stranded wire- which is not good]
I replaced it with solid conductor- much better now.
Thank you all

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