miniDV camcorder to DVD via computer?

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I'm looking into buying a miniDV camcorder and was wondering the process for converting video on a miniDV tape in the camcorder, via a computer, onto DVD.

Am I correct in thinking the steps are:
1)import via firewire to computer
3)write to DVD

My questions are:

a)How long does importing take, compared to playback time? Do I just press play on the camera and it takes the same amount of time as playing the tape?

b)How long does encoding take on a P4 3.0GHz 512MB PC, comparing it to playback time ... is it same time as playback, half time of playback or what? (just roughly)

c)What format is it encoded to?

d)If I wanted to do some editing would I do it before encoding?

e)When writing it to DVD is all the other work done by this stage and it is just a normal write file to DVD operation?

f)Does winXP home (windows movie makers) have everything needed to accomplish all this (+Sonic DVD writing software) ?

g)If I bought a DVD comcorder instead would it already have done the encoding, or would the same process apply if I wanted to edit?

a BIG Thanks.

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look here, click here


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a) Importing takes slightly longer than playback. In Movie Maker, it plays back and records onto the computer, when its done it does some further processing which doesn't usually take too long. If you disable the option of making clips, import time is improved.

b) I'm not sure what happens in other software, but in Movie Maker, it plays back and records similar to the process for transferring to VHS.

c) It depends what software you use, some encode to WMV, some can do AVI click here click here

d) Once you have transferred the video to your computer, I think some applications would allow you to edit.

Not too sure about the other questions.

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WMM will NOT produce a file suitable for DVD play back. You need an MPEG2 convertor. Suitable S/W to do the whole process - Pinnacle Studio, Premiere Elements, etc. IT IS NOT AN EASY process and it can take x2 real time and more. Do a lot more homework before you try this process. David

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Your first 3 steps are correct.

The next are as follows and a word of advice, at some point you will want to write the resultant video to DVD, to do this you will need an MPEG2 converter as David4637 has mentioned or better still a dedicated program to import, edit, encode and write, such as the sonic software you mention.

a) Importing footage is done in real time so there is no delay after you press 'stop'.

b) Again David4637 is correct, a rough guesstimate for a DVD's worth of camcorder footage on your machine will take approx twice as long as the footage is in length. This varies wildly with the quality you encode at.

c) Video camera footage will be encoded to DVD video files, .vob, etc.

d) All editing is done before encoding, encoding is the last process to be done before burning to disk, i.e. when your happy with the results.

e) yes

f)Ditch Movie Maker (or experiment with your editing skills first) and use the sonic software.

g) DVD camcorders write dvd video files on the fly, so there is no encoding being done. The resultant video is essentially the same as any DVD film you may have bought, except for the fact that you would most likely have to finalise the mini-dvd disk in the camera for most DVD players to playback. Editing wise, you'll pay more for software that has the ability to edit .vob files in the same way as you can .avi, .mpeg, etc files.

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Thanks for all that.

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