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  denerious 13:32 22 Jul 2008

Hi I am new to video editing and I am faced with some obstacles early on!

Basically my mini DV camcorder broke and I am not in a situation to replace it at the moment, I have a whole bunch of tapes I have done nothing with and I want to put them onto DVD but they will need editing.

A friend has loaned me their camcorder so I can transfer the tapes to DVD. However they will need editing and I am wondering what is the best way to transfer to dvd so I can edit them later. When I have recorded to my HD before it has taken up masses of space, am I best persevering and getting the editing done quickly then moving onto the next tape?



  ravingdave 13:54 22 Jul 2008

You could transfer them onto your hard disk one at a time, and then simply copy the raw captured files onto a blank DVD. You can delete the file on the hard disk, and then repeat for each tape until they are all archived onto DVDs. When you want to edit them you can then copy the files back from the DVD(s) onto your HD, do the edits, and then create a final edited DVD at your leisure.

The files created when transferring from MiniDV to HD can be large, but make sure you capture them in the size and format you want to finally end up with (probably standard DVD?). Most capture programs will allow you to capture the video in different formats and resolution. Standard DVD resolution (720 x 480) should create a file size of approx 1GB per hour of material. I once chose to save a file in .avi format, and a 1 minute clip took up 250MB (or 15GB per hour)! Also if it is saved in DVD resolution, then many video editing programs, such as Nero, will be able to create your final edited DVDs much faster, as they do not have to re-render the video to a different resolution.

  ravingdave 14:02 22 Jul 2008

Also, if possible you should capture the video from camcorder to PC using a firewire interface, as you will get much better results than capturing the composite video output of the video camera into a PC videocard (as this involves a conversion from digital to analogue by the camera, and then another conversion from analogue back to digital by the PC - the firewire will transfer your digital data off of the tape straight to your PC without any analogue-digital conversions, all of which degrade the quality of the video)

  denerious 14:46 22 Jul 2008

Many thanks for that information I will put it to good use!

Do you have any recomendations for the format I should transfer it to, previously I have used avi (hence my experience in video files taking up all my HD). I have previously used adobe premiere for editing but this was a trial version and would only let me edit avi's


  ravingdave 23:57 22 Jul 2008

I have used both Nero and Ulead in the past, and they both have an option to save in DVD format, which according to Nero is 720 x 576 (CCIR-601 D1) if that means anything? I think the files end up as MPEG-2, they end up with a .mpg extension, which can be played in Windows Media player.

  MCE2K5 00:04 23 Jul 2008

CCIR-601 click here

D1 (Sony) click here-(Sony)

  MCE2K5 00:06 23 Jul 2008

D1 (Sony) click here

  ROY999 07:16 13 Dec 2008

why not get them converted to AVI or MPEG? AVI is better as you can edit these in almost any format. This company click here can do it cheaper than you buying another mini dv camcorder.

If you want AVI then try here
click here

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