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  Condom 23:07 13 May 2016

I purchased a Nokia 920 SIM free a couple of years ago and it was at the time top of the range. Windows 10 Mobile was launched nearly 6 months ago yet there is still no sign of it being available for the 920. Almost daily I get emails from Microsoft suggesting I buy a new Windows 10 phone. Can anyone think of any good reasons why anyone would want to do this with Microsoft's obvious disdain for existing customers?

  QuizMan 22:46 15 May 2016

I think I made the same mistake with the Lumia 640. I'm still waiting too.

  QuizMan 22:58 15 May 2016

There is a Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor available from the Microsoft Store. I haven't tried using it for a while, but your post got me checking and my upgrade is now available and is downloading. Not much help to you, possibly, but thank you for the jolt.

  martd7 23:22 15 May 2016

Quiz man

Thanks I've just run the win 10 upgrade advisor and it tells me my 925 isn't getting the upgrade,poor from Microsoft not supporting a high end phone

  Forum Editor 22:52 16 May 2016

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  chub_tor 21:28 19 May 2016

My Nokia 920 is a secondary phone for me so I decided to upgrade it to Win 10 some 3 months ago using this procedure Click Here and I have had no problems with it.

If you screw it up you can always use the Windows Phone Reset Tool Click Here

I get regular Insider Preview Updates and so far each one has been successfully installed.

  Govan1x 22:40 19 May 2016

I thought Microsoft bought Nokia out and it belonged to them but it seems Nokia are going to make a comeback.

Click here

Its probably old news but it is the first time I heard it.

  Forum Editor 09:47 20 May 2016


It's complicated, and this isn't the place for a long dissertation on the various business deals that were done.

Essentially, Microsoft did a deal with Nokia in 2014 that involved Using the Nokia brand on Windows phones. Microsoft could only use the Nokia brand to promote Asha, X and Lumia products until December 2015, and feature phones for 10 years.

In fact, Microsoft only used the Nokia branding until October 2014, when it announced that future smartphones would be branded with Microsoft's name and logo.

Two days ago, Microsoft announced that it had sold the Nokia-branded featurephone division to FIH Mobile, a division of Foxconn, and HMD, a new company in Finland. The two will be working together to create Nokia-branded devices. Nokia will be providing brand and patent licensing to HMD, and will take a seat on the board of directors of the company.

Confusing, isn't it? There's more involving Nokia's deals with other companies, but I think that's enough for now.

  jennybiel 12:04 30 May 2016

I believe that windows phone are not that useful as other operating system like Android and iOS. i am currently using SIAM 7X dual screen smartphone and i believe it's better than Windows Phones

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