micro sd card reader - recommendation?

  kidsis 14:46 10 Apr 2010

does anyone use such an external card reader, and can you recommend one? I have been looking at the sandisk but would welcome any ideas.

  jack 16:30 10 Apr 2010

click here
Then try Amazone- A partner trader sole me one for £7 or so.
Within the last 2 weeks

  morddwyd 08:33 11 Apr 2010

Just buy a cheap micro sd disc.

They nearly all come with an adaptor to fit a normal card slot.

  awest3 10:24 11 Apr 2010

or one of these for £3.99 delivered it seems reasonable.
click here

  awest3 10:31 11 Apr 2010

or for micro (misread the post) one of these...
click here

at £1.99 delivered

  kidsis 11:31 11 Apr 2010

thanks for replies guys. awest, never heard of 7day shop - are they "ok"? £1.99 is a good price though.
Jack, I have seen that type of thing in my searches but didn't think they looked too robust - I'll look again.
morddwyd - not sure what you mean by micro sd disk.

  awest3 11:44 11 Apr 2010

yep..been buying from them for 5 years or more...never had a problem..

  jack 16:09 12 Apr 2010

Is a reliable and well known outfit .
The Fuji one mentioned in incorporated in a USB'Stick' pretty tough.

  john bunyan 18:18 12 Apr 2010

As morddwyd says , micro SD cards usually come mounted inside a normal sized SD card such that the normal sized SD card reader can be used, so you should not need a special one if you have a normal card reader already.

  kidsis 16:47 14 Apr 2010

thanks all for the information, I will be choosing soonest. John Bunyan - thanks for the info, that explains some of the pictures I have seen. The card I have did not come with a normal sized card.

  john bunyan 20:35 14 Apr 2010

I think some special mobile phone cards dont have the mount as a standard. Cheap enough to buy a micro SD in a mount from the likes of ASDA or TESCO and ensure it is the same size as yours.

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