media player for digital photo frame

  PackElend 07:30 10 May 2010

Hi folks,
I hope that I'm right here. I'm looking for a basic media player to feed my custom made digital photo frame like
here:#click here (in German)
But the only devices I've hit so far a full of features I don't need and don't have what I want. They can a play *.avi and *.mpg and *.jpg but only a single picture. But what I want is a collage-function, because I don't want to see any image full-size on a 17" screen ad I have just too much pic's to show them one by one.
Maybe a wire(-less) function wouldn't be bad, in case getting a home/media server, but USB enough for the moment.
Do you have any idea where I can find it?



  Kevscar1 10:55 10 May 2010

If it's just for stills Irfanview can create a slideshow.

  PackElend 12:28 10 May 2010

but Irfaview runs only only on computers but the media player is feeding my custom photo frame without a connection to a PC only a usb drive is hooked up with the player.
I found once a digital photo frame what has this feature but it's too small for my fancy.

  Kevscar1 06:27 12 May 2010

Is this what you mean by collage.
collage [ ko l??, kóllaa? ] (plural collages)



1. picture with pieces stuck on surface: a picture made by sticking cloth, pieces of paper, photographs, and other objects onto a surface

2. art of making collages: the art of making pictures by sticking cloth, pieces of paper, photographs, and other objects onto a surface

3. combination of different things: a combination of different things

You would need to use a photo editing software to make your individual collage pictures.
As your curret player plays AVI's open Windows Movie Maker. You can drop your individual collages into the slots add transistions and effects then output it as an AVI.

  PackElend 15:53 12 May 2010

thx for your answers but those are only softwares and I need hardware.

Once I found a digital frame what can show several pictures at once, that's what I mean with collage.
Unfortunately it was too small, that's why I want to build my own one and need that special player.

Another I 'idea' is, that I get a home sever and run one of those softwares on it but it has only a limited numbers of screen interfaces, so is there something like a virtual screen-output and send it then via BT or Wlan to an remote screen? But that would be quite power intensive solution


  PackElend 13:44 22 May 2010

after long searching, I have to say, there isn't any Media Player out there what meets my demands. Therefore it seems that is result in a server with appropriate software.
Since I wanted to buy a sever in the comings months anyway , I've got a reason now to do it straight away. The server got two tsks, it shell be used as a media sever and as a backup sever, what shouldn't be a big deal. In addition to the screen for the pictures I want to buy bigger one for professional pictures/paintings, just want to know how that looks like. And of course there's a big LCD in the livin area, which will be connected straight to the sever.
Because wireless solution a quite expensive for that purpose, I've got only the choice between Ethernet or VGA-via-USB (maybe active USB-Hub for the two screens),but haven't found that much about that, maybe some idea?
Another question is, if there are any silent server for that job on the market (I don't have a storage room or so), since it's running on load most of the time. But soon the first model with Atom+ION2 should be on the market, let's hope.

Or is that a hopeless endeavor?



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