Mate 20 Pro in-screen fingerprint

  Ying Zhu 02:50 19 Nov 2018

Why is the Mate 20 Pro in-screen fingerprint unlocking insensitive?

  Yufei Li 02:58 29 Nov 2018

In-screen fingerprint unlocking is a more avant-garde way to unlock, more and more mobile phones equipped with this technology. Since everyone may be the first time to use it, even the first time heard about this technology, it may not be very accustomed to use it, and even the in-screen fingerprint unlocking is not sensitive. So understand the relevant in-screen fingerprint unlocking knowledge, you can greatly improve the in-screen fingerprint unlocking experience.Here are some tips. The reason why Mate 20 Pro in-screen fingerprint unlocking is not sensitive: 1.After the mobile phone is filmed, the in-screen fingerprint may be insensitive. Why does the film affect the sensitivity of the in-screen fingerprint? Because the fingerprint input and recognition in the screen is recognized by the fingerprint of the screen light, the light changes after the film is applied, which makes the image more likely to be blurred. At present, the tempered film is basically unrecognizable, and the Huawei common film recognition is reduced by 20%. Solution: Mate 20 pro uses high hardness glass, which has strong wear resistance and mechanical strength. It will not be scratched during normal use, and the anti-dirty effect of the screen is also good, so it is not recommended to use tempered film. If you want to protect your phone, you can buy the official flip holster. 2.Broken screen will also cause the in-screen fingerprint to be insensitive and even be unusable. Because the in-screen fingerprint is an optical fingerprint scheme, the screen needs to provide a stable light source. Broken screen will directly affect the image quality of the fingerprint, and the success rate of the unlocking will drop drastically or even be unusable. 3. In bright light, it will cause the in-screen fingerprint to be unlocked. As mentioned above, the in-screen fingerprint is recognized by the fingerprint of the screen light, so the strong light will cause certain interference, resulting in poor quality of the fingerprint image and low success rate of fingerprint unlocking. Solution: Avoid using on-screen fingerprints to unlock under strong light. 4. Washing the hands will cause the in-screen fingerprint to be unlocked. Washing your hands with hand sanitizer will remove the grease from your fingers, causing the fingers to dry. If you unlock at this time, the fingerprint unlocking success rate will be reduced. Solution: Dry your fingers and wait a while before trying again. 5. When the finger or screen surface is dirty, the in-screen fingerprint is not sensitive. When the finger or the screen surface is dirty, the system is difficult to recognize the fingerprint, and the unlock success rate will be greatly reduced. Solution: In this case, please wipe your finger or screen, and the dirty one will definitely affect the success rate of unlocking. These are some points when using the in-screen fingerprint, I hope it will helpful to you.

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