Mapping Data Usage?

  Quickbeam 09:01 10 Jun 2011

Does anyone know whether the 1gb of data per month that most providers offer is plenty for a smartphone to use for satnav use in a commercial vehicle, something like 50 hours per week?

  Woolwell 12:45 10 Jun 2011

Which satnav app?

  Woolwell 12:45 10 Jun 2011

ps I have unlimited data with my package.

  Coltch 14:25 10 Jun 2011

I use an app called 3G watchdog on my android phone,once set up it monitors my usage (I only have 500MB) and gives total to date and an estimate of what you expect to use within the date range set.

  Coltch 14:26 10 Jun 2011

(grrr no edit key), depends on which satnav app you intend to use. i use Google Navigation and it doesn't seem to eat much data.

  Quickbeam 14:36 10 Jun 2011

Google on Android on an HTC desire.

  Woolwell 17:26 10 Jun 2011

Have a look at the last post on this thread Google support forum. Based on that the 1 Gb is insufficient. The problem is that the map isn't stored on the phone and has to be downloaded. There are other apps that store the map.

  Woolwell 17:32 10 Jun 2011

I did a comparison using Google Navigator on my smartphone and my TomTom. I found that the satnav on the phone wasn't as accurate and the voice was irritating. If you lose signal then you're stuck. Street view just as you approach your destination is fun though.

  Quickbeam 17:57 10 Jun 2011

Thanks for that link Woolwell, it's as I suspected, that am app using maps stored on the phone will be the better option.

Any recommendations for that anyone?

  Quickbeam 18:25 10 Jun 2011

I've just found this map caching app, has anyone used it? It looks to be an OK idea.

Map Cache app

  Woolwell 19:17 10 Jun 2011

A rival mag in their July 2011 edition did a review comparing stand-alone satnav and satnav apps. Their recommendation was for a TomTom standalone. For iPhone they recommended TomTom app and for Android CoPilot Live 8 but neither are free. CoPilot Live stores maps on the phone.

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