Manipluating pictures of the famous ?

  keewaa 10:51 27 Apr 2006

If I want to manipulate photos of famous people in a fun way (not in any way negatively) and sell the edited result (they would only be one ofs, not more than 1 copy of each one) ;

a) Could I ?
b) Who would I contact regarding a licence to use and edit the photos ?
c) where would I get the photos to work with ?


  mole44 11:05 27 Apr 2006

paint shop pro does what you need .but be aware there could be copyright on the pictures

  keewaa 11:24 27 Apr 2006

Yep, I use that one .... it's more the legality / costs etc I'm concerned about.

  hssutton 18:16 27 Apr 2006

If you take your own photos then nu problem, using other peoples work could well be infringement of copyright

  Forum Editor 19:42 27 Apr 2006

you may edit and publish images you've created yourself - and that includes photographs - but you can't use someone else's work without their agreement. Even if you get a copyright release, it's almost certain to contain a clause that prohibits any alteration to the original image.

The famous person doesn't have a say in the matter either way - unless the alterations you make could be considered to be defamatory, in whch case you may be on the receiving end of a 'cease and desist' letter, or in extreme cases an action for damages. That's a very remote possibility however, unless the changes you make to the image show the person in a compromising situation, one that would damage his/her's reputation in the eyes of the public, or cause distress to his/her family.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:41 29 Apr 2006

I have seen a picture in the press of Tony Blair's head photochopped onto a this defamatory to the donkey? ;-))


  wolfie3000 01:06 30 Apr 2006

Not a labour man then gandalf? lol

As for photoshopping pictures of famous people,
Iv always been against it as well as being famous they are just like us in many ways imagine if someone got a picture of yourself and photoshopped it for all to see,

And made money from it?

There are many other ways of making money from photography and photo manipulation as quite a few artists do it and are quite succesfull at it too.

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