Making an NTSC DVD from a PAL Mini-DV Camcorder

  [DELETED] 10:14 16 Jan 2006


I have a PAL MINI-DV Camcorder. I have in the past used a converting VCR to take the PAL input signal and record it as an NTSC tape that is playable in the United States.
I would like to take the PAL input Signal and make an NTSC DVD playable in the United States.
What do I need to do? Is it as simple as selecting NTSC output from my video editing software?

Tom Leahy

  [DELETED] 16:53 16 Jan 2006

You don't really need to make an NTSC DVD - Whilst there is a small difference in format between an NTSC DVD and a PAL one - in all essentials they are the same, and will play in any country.

DVDs are basically DVDs the world over, and the conversion to play on an NTSC or a PAL (or a SECAM for that matter) TV is done at the DVD player output.

However, if you do select NTSC output inside the video editor, it shouldn't harm anything - and you will be able to play the resulting DVd on your UK DVD system without any problems too - just to check it.

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