making images brighter?

  wolfie3000 02:28 12 Mar 2006

i have quite a few images i want to make more colourful and more brighter.
as they look dull.
what is the best way of acheiving this?

Here is an example of one of the photos.

click here

  AndySD 05:18 12 Mar 2006

What image editing software do you have or use?

  jack 14:15 12 Mar 2006

Typically any image editor has a simple 'one stop' feature. which is the best to use because in you 'lighten' an image the the contrast/gamma has to be adusted in equal measure, this can be a messy business if you are inexperience- as I judge you are by the question.
For example PaintShopPro has drop down menu -Adjust Photo. the first obtion is 'One Step Photo Fix'
This applied all th options in qual measure automatically, andbe uses repeatedly until the appriate level isachieve .
You then use'Save As' and givinng the image a new name to save that version of adjustment, thus saving the original in its original orm for alternative work if the first try was not to your liking.

  alB 14:49 12 Mar 2006

I would recommend Paintshop Pro, as jack says it has a one step fix that usually does the trick, I took the liberty of "fixing" your picture, you can see the result at click here

  hzhzhz 20:35 12 Mar 2006

This is free and quite good. I have used it here

  GaT7 21:09 12 Mar 2006

Get Paint Shop Pro 7.0 (which is an earlier version) for free from click here. Download & install the patch as well. (PSP7's own Help should be enough, but if you need more, there are several tutorials click here)

My eyes (I find) are the best judge for a pic's colour/brightness/etc. Calibrate your monitor for the best results click here (more info click here). G

P.S. I also use another free program, Paint.NET click here, Picasa (also posted by hzhzhz) & 2 other free ones, but I would advise to keep it simple for the time being. Picasa would be a good addition & shouldn't complicate matters (I don't think!)

  DieSse 23:34 12 Mar 2006

Most imaging programs will allow you to adjust contrst, brightness, and if necessary apply sharpening. Adobe Photoshop Elements2, as supplied with many scanners, etc, produces results like this. This took only a couple of minutes - taking more care will produce even better results.

click here

  wolfie3000 23:41 12 Mar 2006

thank you all guys for taking the time to help me out.

Iv taken all you have said on board and will be using the software that you linked to, to adjust my pictures.

Iv learnt alot from your posts and will be putting it into practice.

  anchor 10:27 13 Mar 2006

Do try Paint shop Pro 7; use the link given by Crossbow7 to download. Its very good, & now free!!!

I have it on my PC and just spent only 2 mins improving your picture with just a few clicks. Have a look:

click here

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