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  SLAYER 08:25 12 Aug 2006

She who must be obeyed has for some years indicated that my couple of hundred albums have been cluttering up the house,or as she lovingly puts it Her House.I have put her off by telling her that I am going to copy them to CD.Here lies the problem, I do not have a turntable.So my question is this,as I do not want to spend a fortune on something that will not be any use to me after copying,what is the most basic device that I need to connect to the PC,and as most of the albums were bought in my drunken youth and scratches are many,what software should I look for.

  ArrGee 10:26 12 Aug 2006

Firstly, you'll need a turntable. Then a free bit of software to grab your vinyl:
click here
Then a free bit of software to convert your saved mp3 file into separate tracks:
click here

  SLAYER 10:28 12 Aug 2006

thanks for that, but its suggestions for a turntable that I was looking for as well.

  ArrGee 11:54 12 Aug 2006

Well, you could go for a USB turntable from Maplins at £120 click here
Or, what may be a better bet, is to browse through the second-hand ads in the websites/newpapers in your area
click here
It's seems as though once you have finished using your turntable, it will become redundant, so a cheapy should do the trick.

  Diemmess 18:54 12 Aug 2006

ebay seems to have a lot on sale at the moment.
Try consumer electronics > search for turntable

  SLAYER 19:26 12 Aug 2006

So any turntable will do,no preamp,no,make sure you can connect it to your pc.

  Diemmess 20:20 12 Aug 2006

Almost any turntable will do, but you do need a pre-amplifier.

Maplin has one on offer around £14 click here

Pickups give a very low signal add a pre-anplifier and you can plug the output straight into line-in on your sound card.

You do not need a power amplifier because you are going to be using your PC speakers anyway while you monitor recording.

  Al94 14:08 13 Aug 2006

Saw this demonstrated on QVC yesterday, looked very easy and effectively removed scratches and created individual tracks. 30 day money back if not satisfied click here You will still need a turntable.

  Al94 14:09 13 Aug 2006

Click on the ADS Tech link on QVC page.

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